Saturday, November 8, 2014

Weather Report in Just Five Lines (6WS)


You watch the east and say,
what a fine day
 its turning out to be
I watch the west
and prepare for rain


  1. My Beloved Sandra said it, too, while we were out to the store: "My what a pretty day." It looked pretty plain to me but, since she was planning on cooking me a dinner, I didn't dare quibble.

  2. My favorite weather predictor is red sky in the morning, sailors take warning and red sky at night is sailor's delight. It works for me.

  3. It is fun to follow the signs of up coming weather!

  4. I always prepare for rain and pray for sun. (It is after all Seattle)

  5. Don't know what happened to my comment so here it is again .. Down under it's Spring so rain is to be expected. But this evening the sun is shining. Hope you are having sunny weather too.