Saturday, November 22, 2014

cold, cold, cold, damn its cold (6WS)

Three stoves running and its not even December yet.
sorta wonder just how long before  'too much wood" will 
turn into"almost enough" wood which may or may not be
the same as "not quite enough" but still conjures up
images of chopping up furniture ("well how many chairs 
can we sit in at once anyway"--or, "I never liked that
table, could never find a place for it...") or hauling wood
out of the forest  on a sledge in February, bundled to 
the eyes to keep out the gale force winds.

Pitiful, ain't it. 


  1. What? It's still balmy and pleasant here on THIS side of the mountain....NOT

  2. heh. We had sun yesterday just before the snow shower and just after; enough so that we could say we had sun. No sun at all today although the long range forecast for this weekend say sunny and warmer. 'Course they never do say "warner than WHAT"...

  3. How much wood should a woodchuck chuck?

  4. Then again, we could be living in Buffalo

  5. Been very cold here too, One morning was 10 degrees F.
    We had at least two weeks of cold weather, enough cold to freeze turnips in the ground.

  6. im thinking the whole country did, Harvey. we've been burning wood in two and three stoves steadily for about that time, this is the first day we knocked it down to one.
    I think the heat wave is over for a few decades.
    I hope we enjoyed it