Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oh give thanks 13 ways --Happy Thanksgiving!--

1. for air
2. for a heart beat
3. for memory
4. for the surety of a sunrise and a sunset
5. for the cats I know and the cats I remember
6  for the deer in the field
7. the turkeys in the middle of the driveway
8. and now and then an eagle
9. for poetry
10. for rain
11. for music
12. for books
13. for you

Thursday Thirteen

Saturday, November 21, 2015

to everything that moves or breathes (6WS)

it becomes a meditation
that thrum you feel
when you live
where high water flows

meditation of earth
the gifts we take
the gifts we give back
what we keep for ourselves
it's all good

every point on the compass
connected, mind and fiber,
to everything that moves or breathes
salt from the sea
spit from the rain
part of the monkey the whale
the now and the lost
what touches us once touches us forever

to lie on this hill
look up at the stars
feel the earth move
not under us but with us
like riding a turtle
into the darkness
when we die we go back
to ground
return as rain, as snow,
as part of a wind
bending wheat in a Russian field
stylized trees in a Chinese landscape
or sunflowers in the rain

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Charlie dreams of summer

The only back history a cat has is his own.  As does any animal, actually.  We are, with perhaps the exception of whales and dolphins, the only species that remembers what happened before we were born by word of mouth,  reading,  poems, family histories.  
You can, if you're careful and patient,  figure out why that dog you just got from the shelter is so afraid of pianos,  or resents men wearing hats, or why that lovely cat will quietly disappear when strangers show up wearing boots.  

I wonder what he remembers beyond the bad stuff.  

ohhhh around and around and around...

gosh this is fun,  got the yahoo problem back, and finally removed, now I have to remove the pushy chrome download that wants me to get Chrome for all my other apps.  ::sob:: I dont HAVE other apps.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

heads up

I noticed today that there seems to be a new kind of spammer around,  I've had two people (each with five names) commenting on my latest post:  clicking on their blogsite shows that they have very similar blog lists,  clicking on their profile photo and looking for the image online at Google shows photos that have nothing to do with their blog names.
aha, she said. aha.

I just noticed Ron. Lavalette has one of those, as well.
I think of them as the "Five Namers"--nothing flashy, but the names and the photos dont go together, and the three or four word comments seem oddly placed.

anyone here getting comments from Five Namers, check out the profile image in Google images, see what you get.

I deleted both of mine but there are probably more to come.  Traffic is lovely, but not this kind. (She said, loading salt pellets in her over-under)

Some things don't know it's November (6WS)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

What's next, turkeys nesting on the porch?

This has magically appeared a foot from our front step, It measures about 14"x 12" and yes its a woodchuck hole, perhaps newly created or maybe an old one that they abandoned--there is a smaller exit/entrance down in the dirt itself--I put this plant pot in to let the owner know we found it--even though it really does look unused. Poor choice of locations, I'd say.

And for the past few weeks we've been noticing extreme cat food disappearances overnight. Now, Charlie is a big cat, but not fat and he never struck me as a big eater anyway.  Lately I've heard, especially late at night,  rustly sounds in the walls that were too loud for mice and kept thinking, oh, lord, I hope its not a rat.  Today I had left the outside door open to let the nice weather in--and when I came downstairs at one point there was a very chubby chipmunk on my kitchen counter, cleaning up crumbs from the cutting board.  

We talked about that, and he finally took off out the open door, hesitating on the porch for a few seconds as if to say, well,  are you sure--  

Oh, yes. I'm sure. 

I said to my husband, it does feel as if we're losing the battle, maybe we should move out now before they take over completely...

Ten + Three (Thursday 13)

1. The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessner

2. David Gray ("Snow in Vegas")

3.The Decembrists ("Carolina Low")

4. Pearl Jam "Better Man"

5, Mark Knopfler/Emmy Lou Harris

6. Ray Lamontagne

7. Tracy Chapman ("Baby Can I Hold You")

8. Waylon Jennings/Jessie Colter ("Storms Never Last")

9. Animator vs. Animation

10. "Baby It's Cold Outside"

11. Van Morrison ("Shenandoah")

12. David Gray ("This Year's Love")

13. Simon and Garfunkel ("El Condor Pasa")

Thursday Thirteen

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Tale of Two Browsers

Last night I opened up the computer and found Yahoo search staring at me, instead of my regular Google Chrome.  yikes.  It wouldnt go away.  It ate Chrome, it ate I.E.   we did everything, and it kept coming back like a lost puppy.

Late last night I thought I had it fixed, I ran virus checks and scans and Spybot, and all seemed well.  right.

Aside from the fact that I had munged my Chrome (and by default Blogger) password,  and had to start over with a new one, it looked okay.  By 2 AM I was sure.

This morning I opened Blogger, and while I could write posts I couldn't post them. "loading...." it said. "loading..."   sobbing...Then Yahoo appeared again, and ate IE, took it right off the computer.

Ran virus checks again, nothing.  In the back of my mind I kept thinking, didn't I just download Java  and isn't that the one that really really wants you to make Yahoo your browser page...and I was out of the room during the download.  oh dear.  

So we decided that nice new (well sort of) backup from a month ago might be just the thing to use. Wheels whirred,  buttons were pushed,  I paced,  the mister did the button pushing.  He let me turn it on when it was done, and yay me it was back; a bit more October than I needed, and some things had to be updated including, Java.  This time I sat through the process and watched and sure enough there was the already checked off yahoo home page offer.  Not in this life or the next.

I'm older now, by about ten years, lol.  It does seem that the anxiety level this sort of thing engenders is way out of proportion to what's actually there.  We've become so attached to this medium of computers and phones and passwords that if one of them goes all funny, so do we.   All better now, until the next earth shaking crisis.

I guess the bottom line is, always hang around when you're downloading a program, and read those checkboxes, to see what you're REALLY getting.