Monday, March 27, 2017


Last night I was awakened out of a lovely deep sleep by the sensation that I had lost not only the use of my legs but the feeling in both of them.  It was pretty scary.  I dislike sleeping on my back, since by morning, at my age, I am reduced to beached whale status and need to claw my way over to the edge of the bed before I even think about getting up.   Try telling that to an overeager bladder.

Anyway, I finally realized that I was not paralyzed from the knees down, I was trapped by a sleeping twelve pound cat draped  gloriously and enthusiastically across my ankles.  When I reached down as far as I could I encountered, not Charlie and his cloud of floaty fur, but a sleek, groomed creature and I thought, oh my stars, Toby is sleeping across my knees...Toby who rarely gets close enough to pat,
Toby who streaks through each room that has humans in it, who has only recently decided if Charlie can get brushed, well he wants some too. But only between the shoulder blades, thank you.

There he was, snoring delicately away,  all eight pounds of him, making sure my knees didn't rise up and float off, and Charlie at the bottom, protecting my ankles from the same fate. Suddenly I understood that I was going to keep that position all night, if necessary,  because, Toby.  And I did.

Then again, twenty pounds of cats  is nothing to be trifled with,  in any position.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Chuck Berry. RIP

He was 90.  He was amazing.


Chuck Berry the blues

Monday, March 13, 2017

If you got 'em

get the cows in and hook the chicken coop door.

Even though they insist on calling this an 'old fashioned
nor'easter" (makes it sounds like something out of granny's
attic), I think classic would be more appropriate.  It is, I admit,
kinda fun to watch as this thing plays out. And NOAA
does have some fun weather maps.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Guess what! It's 1984 and 1952 all over again! Thursday 13

1.  I worry that we might all be monitored in some fashion, very soon

2.  I have found places on the net where any news commentary concerning the Donald that is in the least critical of his actions is represented by an opening statement that has turned into an unclickable link. "oops, we can't find that. error 401"  yep.

3. Anytime I see outrage or fear or anger expressed, concerning the new admin,  I wonder how long those kinds of expressions will be allowed to continue.

4.  There is such a thing as too much power and the wrong hands wielding it. In the wrong hands, obviously, any power is too much.

5. I've been seeing several blog entries sent to me that start out obviously not in favor of this or that, politically,  click on them, and the link is broken. "File not found."  and i wonder who pulled the plug. I know, I've done the same thing at times, but rarely.  This seems to be happening more and more.

6.  We are being catapulted back to the time before women's rights were an issue, before integration, before birth control, before health clinics for abused women, and the days of "don't ask, don't tell".

7. It has become the norm to automatically praise any newspaper who resists the Donald's dubious charm/policies.  I just wonder how long those papers will continue to exist.

8.  The smirk, the sneer, the hand gestures, the wall.

9.  That auto-blame that kicks in anytime something goes wrong. "it was X who did that."  The classic sign of a Narcissitic personality.  I know, my mother was one.  If I was in FRANCE and she broke a dish, it was my fault. Trust me, she'd find a way.

10. Blaming people who are in no position to refute the claims, in order to deflect unwelcome attention about  their own bad behavior.

11. People all too willing to believe that just because he's President he must be ready for sainthood and they behave/believe accordingly.

12. Years ago we impeached a President for sexual misconduct (and folks, that kind of  'misconduct' takes two) yet this time around we elected one who brags about it.  Times do change.

13. Sweeping and all-inclusive laws that affect our personal lives, our behavior, and those of our friends, with no regard for the grey areas and the people who will be irreversibly damaged.

Thursday 13

Friday, March 3, 2017

The winter of our annoyance

I never quite understood the fascination with winter, with snow, with sub zero temps.   People actually CHOOSE to live here in Northern New England,  even if there's a choice for a balmier climate.  You know, Tennessee. Virginia.

Someone suggested to me that we did seem to obsess about wood.  As I recall, I pointed out that when you burn the stuff for close to nine months,  spend the other three or four or five cutting, splitting, stacking, and negotiating over it with wood deliverers,  it tends to crop up in convo quite frequently:

"get your wood in yet?"
"Nahh, threw my back out last week,  hard to throw wood leanin' on a cane, yep"

"How much you burn last winter, anyway?"
"Considering the early cold and the late snow,  just about everything back to the walls.  Mebbe 13 cords, mebbe less."
"Yep, now I have to it do it all over again this year..."

Possibly, too, because burning wood is such a personal experience, I mean, you're right there with it, every step of the way--if you have gas or oil the delivery truck pulls up regularly, fills the tanks  and drives away.  Your only concern is finding the checkbook. After that, it's thermostat time.

But I seriously wonder why people, when they have the chance,  move NORTH instead of South...and then are surprised, open-mouth awestruck, when they look out the window one morning to see two feet of snow.  Like, it never happened before or something...

But there are perks to all of this. One of them is watching newcomers learn how to drive sideways on icy roads.

Or explaining why the 6" of new snow doesn't just disappear in a day or two "like it does in Tennessee..."

Or showing them what a roof rake is and why you really do need to clean off that roof NOW...

I know a man who buys a new plastic shovel every time it snows, because he always forgets and puts his used shovel away once he's cleaned the driveway.  In the shed.  The one where the snow drifts in and plugs the door shut.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

My one political commentary for the year. I hope.

Without realizing what I was listening to the other night I kept hearing the Donald in speaking mode:  he sounded sincere, sonorous, convincing. What, I thought, was THAT all about. Then I recognized the speak and response rhythm when the POTUS addresses the congress once a year.

My husband is a fan, by the way. I am not.

Anyhow, the whole speech went over very well, and the next day the news people were all over themselves with exuberant praise for what a wonderful, sincere speech the Donald made, they were surprised, very encouraging, and quite willing now to believe that he has changed his tune/stripes/spots and is becoming civilized.

I has my doubts.  Anyone who has been subjected to his many moods and modes of communication will recognize this one, it's the "placate the masses" one,  intended to soothe and butter everyone up.  It was a speech, nothing more.  Even the Donald knows better than to go into Big Dude mode with Congress, and to be honest, he handled them very well.  I just don't buy it.