Monday, December 30, 2013

Too good to ignore

The first global warming party errr conference,  much touted by people who Knew Things, was in Copenhagen.  There was a blizzard that day.

When they gathered in Washington DC  snow fell on the capitol.

In Cancun there was an historic snowfall during their meetings.

There have been others.  This is their finest hour.

Most of these so-called conferences are nothing more than an excuse to visit posh hotels,  eat themselves silly, and look serious for the camera.  This time, however, even in the face of  the evidence they are surrounded by,  they are insisting that the polar ice caps are melting.  What is interesting this was a voyage to Antarctica during the summer months down there,  when the ice does indeed melt.  Even Antarctica warms a bit.  That way they could point with horror and alarm as arctic creatures suffered in the open water.  And they of course travel first cabin all the way, with enough supplies on board to sustain them for at least a week or two, no doubt.

i can hardly wait for their next conference.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

One by one the houses go (6ws)

Mother's old house burnt down yesterday.  I grew up there, and mother grew old there.

All the paper says is the fire  was apparently linked to the dryer.

The photos online show a quite different house than the one I recall,  since it has been sold twice and remodeled to the ground.  Not your daddy's chevrolet, nope.

The barn collapsed a few years back,  and the land has been split up, and now the house is gone.

I dont miss the house nearly as much as I miss the barn.

What I do miss is the fact of the house,  the ancientness of it, the history of it.

Tomorrow, perhaps,  or tonight, it will hit me.  Or maybe not at all.   There were a lot of good times there,  and I will always have the remembrance of them.  There were also a lot of difficult times,  and I try to learn by those.

They say when you sell a house,  never go back to see what's happened. I rarely did, since my travels almost never take me that way.  And when I did I understood the meaning of that sentence...

Cate, how appropriate your own six words were this week.

found this from our local paper

Sunday, December 22, 2013

slowly, slowly:

Two nights ago I called Charlie for supper. Heard a thump from the shed attic (aha, i thought, thats where he is) and the whir of cat feet charging down the stairs.  He stopped dead when he saw me.  I was Between Him and His Dish.

I sat on the door step.  He stared at me. I stared at him.  Held out one hand.  He came over, carefully, and suddenly he was under my hand, purrpurrpurr,  couldnt get enough. since then he has let me brush him,  let me pick him up (10/12 lbs id say),  and basically makes a fool of himself to get patted.  Lonely fella.

he still eyes the open door into the kitchen carefully.  maybe, maybe not yet.

I do worry a bit.  Isabel is 14,  blind and deaf, now.  I dont want her involved in power struggles.  So we will take this slowly.  maybe, maybe not.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Must Say, It's About Time (6ws)

                      out of the darkest longest night
                      at last at last, a little more light

Friday, December 20, 2013

Who's on First

Ron Lavalette reminded me of this, and its just too good to not share.  After all these years,  it's still funny.

Who's on First

sorry, something happened to the video i had posted. The link will work, though

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Musical Chairs

a week ago I got an e- mail notice about my upcoming dental appt.  January 17, wednesday.  I looked at the calendar and by golly there is no January 17 Wednesday, at least not this next year...soooo I called and she said,  oh im sorry I meant December 18 which IS a Wednesday.  Cool.

Tuesday (the 17th which is a Tuesday) I got a frantic dental receptionist on the line who said, where ARE you , did you forget?  I said no,  my appt. is for tomorrow.  She said, no no it was for today.  Could you make it by 10 today?  

It was snowing like mad, and -7 degrees.  No, I said, I'd never make it in time.  I now have an appointment for (wait for it)........... January 17.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Update on Charlie

He's back..  He's been somewhere Away for at least 3 days,  possibly sleeping under the old barn flooring,  but I had figured him for dead by now.  All the cold, the food in the dishes untouched out there.  I left the kibble.  Then yesterday, at -10 i went out to get wood and heard Charlie, meow meow meow meow squeak squeak.  Sitting in the Tunnel,  yelling his head off.  'where's my FOOD?  I go away for a couple of days,  come back,  and the food is gone and I am HUNGRY"   (typical male, right)
He went through 2 1/2 cans.  I pulled the dishes far enough forward so we were about a foot apart,  and he was just hungry enough and cold enough that he was willing to risk it, to eat.

Coulda grabbed him,  but that is a lot of cat to deal with and I really didn't look forward to a bloodbath at that stage.  I talked, he chewed.

This morning he was back, and it looks like his bed was slept in last night.   Nothing i can do about the cold,  but I can at least shelter him and feed him.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cold. Snow. Hope. Fear. Acceptance. Reward. (6WS)

I'm waiting for the Global Warming folks to explain why the Sphinx was covered in snow this week.  I'm sure it has something to do with us breathing.  Im also pretty sure there had to have been a GW conference in Cairo or  somewhere with a nice hotel out there,  to discuss GW once again. Or maybe one of the head GW people just went on vacation there.

Joe Btfsplk, perhaps.
And along with all of that we have Christmas looming, and loom it does.  Wherever I go,  I am assaulted by Rudolph and Holly Jolly as only Burl Ives could do it.  Even at PT the therapist has her boombox loaded with all the awfuls, including these two and Alvin and the Chipmunks.  She's young, she'll learn.

First is hope,  to counter fear, the kind that trickles down your back like sweat on a hot summer day. One inch at a time,  you learn to adjust.  The Solstice is Hope,  The long winter teaches  Acceptance, and Spring is the Reward for getting through the winter.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Google+ and other assorted surprises-- buyer beware

I was horrified this week to learn that I had somehow joined the happy folks at Google+, simply by clicking on a link somewhere.  Not even sure where.
soooo. I went in this morning to see if I could unsubscribe.  ahahahahaha

Sure I can.       However.   Way down at the bottom it asks if you want to remove your Google+ profile.  "read more" it says.  (drum roll here.  cue the violins)  Under "read more' is an entire page explaining what will and will not happen if you do this. And all of them seem to pertain only to +.  However, at the bottom,  there is a quiet little statement that says 'if you delete your +profile you will effectively be removing yourself from most of the services which Google provides,  including blogs, email,  etc.

Our email server rides on  the G Mail pony.  I use Chrome to access at least 2/3rds of my online stuff.   This is entrapment, and there's not much I can do except try not to touch any  of the pretty flashing buttons over there.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Things Happen, Then They Stop Happening (6WS)

Some years are like that.  Go along for years sometimes with barely a sniffle,  turn a corner, and you find the calendar has more filled spaces than empty and is now  more than just a pretty picture on the cellar door.   I've become one of those people who now says "let me check the calendar" before agreeing to ANYthing.

Nothing major,  just fiddly bits that all need attention,  in that "well, since I'm right here..." mode.
And then, with any luck,  we can relax back into calendars that  remind us what day it might be and even in some instances what month.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Self Explanatory Post

chimley chimbley chimeney
fillum (that we used to stuff in the camera to take pitchers with)
ellum tree
cemetary (I blame Stephen King for this one)
donut (ditto Dunkin Donuts)
parker (what you wear in the wintah)
and my absolute favorite  marathong

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013

He said, She said Part 2 (6WS)

He said

You know,  I love my kids as much as any man does but
there's times when I wish  they'd give me some personal
time.   They got me a computer  so I'd have "something 
to do" but I'm too busy to bother with it.

They brought over a cell phone so we could be in constant 
contact but after it fell off the tractor fender and I backed 
over it they told me I was working too hard.

Shoulda heard them when I  mentioned my new lady friend.
She said

the day I fell over the dog I made the mistake of telling my daughter-in-law because it was funny, and a week later Home Services was at my door, and Meals on Wheels called to ask when would be a good time to deliver my lunch.

I shooed out the nurse and her blood pressure cuff and hung up on Meals on Wheels.  Then I called my son.

She said

One day Dad and I looked at one another and realized 
we were looking at strangers.  Since the last boy left we had 
been arguing, picking fights, and getting on one another's 
nerves.  After talking it over we decided it might be
time to just split up for a bit, have some time to 
ourselves and get to know each other again. 

I found an apartment nearer the kids, and Dad said he'd 
sell the house  (it's too big for the two of us anyway) 
and find something smaller,  and we'd see how that
worked out. He brings his laundry over once a week
and we talk. No fights, just talk. We've decided we
have to stop calling each other "Mom" and "Dad". We
practice.  He calls me Nancy and snickers, and I call
him Art,  and get the giggles.   I think we'll  be okay.

She said

She calls me once a week all the way from Idaho, makes
sure I know what this is costing her. Wants me to come
out and live with her.  Even though I've been to  Idaho,
and  California and  Florida,  and a lot of places in between,
after a few weeks of being polite and using different towels,
part of me longs to get  back to my students and my kiln
and my friends.

She tells me I'm getting too old to 'bother' with pottery,
and then mentions the 'nice' arts and crafts classes they
have at the day care center there,  the one right beside the
assisted living apartments.

The reality is, she  doesnt want me to live with her,  anymore
than I do.  She just wants to be able to tell her friends that she
'brought Mother out to be with her, she's getting so frail, you
know..."   I've started referring to it as Shady Pines,  which annoys her no end.

I  hung up on her the last time.  Now she can tell her friends I'm getting senile.


He said

A month ago I dropped a shovel on my foot, cracked a bone. When my daughter Lucy found out, she decided it was time to take charge.  "At your age..." seems to be the way she starts
every sentence these days. She even hired  a  "cleaning woman" for me, who could not be over 20--I had to show her how to clean a bathroom properly.

And  yesterday Lucy  told me she was  thinking of moving back to town so she could live here, and keep a proper eye on me. She forgets, the reason she moved out twenty years ago was because we simply could not get along;  she's too much like her mother, god rest her soul.  

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

and other assorted flavors

entrees are always welcome before the main course

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Charlie -- Progress report

This is an old house, with an attached shed. There has always been a passage way under the porch and into the shed.  We call it the tunnel,  and have sort of constructed a more permanent version so the cats can shelter there and come in themselves through a cat door in the shed/kitchen door.
I've started feeding Charlie at the inside end of the tunnel, to the great annoyance of the other two cats. *g*   And this morning,  since it was 20 deg out,  I made a cat bed for him

and tucked it into  a stack of wood.  yes, thats a sheepskin.  i threw in a catnip play toy for good measure.  I'd not mind sleeping in this myself,  frankly.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

He Said, She Said, First part (6WS)

He said

I take nineteen pills every day:
8 in the morning, 6 at lunch,
the rest at bedtime. I have a chart
that also tells me which does what.
These keep me alive and moving,
the others keep me happy but not too happy.
I guess you can call this living
and yeah, it beats the alternatives.

she said

My son's okay, he lets me alone,
drops by every week to visit, buys me
what I need when I can't get out.
He doesn't fuss. I'm still mom.
My daughter, however, has started
watching me, hovering in the shadows.
If I stumble, she frets.
If I forget a name, she gets really quiet.
She's started talking about moving in,
Im talking about moving away.

She said

When Harry died it was pretty quiet around here
for a week or two, then the phone started ringing,
and almost every call was from someone
wanting to take me out, have me for dinner
(and I suspect I was the dessert), or just wanted
to talk dirty.  I was nice, but not interested.

I thought it was funny; my daughter and her husband
were shocked, wanted to call the cops, no less.
I told them I wasn't interested in raising up
a new husband, especially since most of them
just wanted a cook and bedwarmer and nurse,
and I said then, I will not take care of another 
sick old man, thank you very much.  They 
both looked relieved, if dubious.

I never told them about the one I didn't turn down.

He said

I always said that when Skips died, that was 
the last dog  I'd  be having.  He died two 
weeks ago, and I buried him in the back yard 
beside the others;  this morning my daughter 
showed  up at the door with a  half-grown 
mongrel pup, all legs and  the other 
two-thirds ears, all wag and pant.  I looked 
at the dog, and the dog looked back: "Her 
name is Grace," my daughter said.
"You don't play fair," I said, to both of them, and
 my daughter just smiled.  Grace wagged her tail 
and put her paw on my boot.

Damn kids.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thought for the Day

 we are where we would be
 if we went somewhere  else to live

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Note From An Old Friend (6WS)

--who never realized the poem in this

dont know where you'll be
but if I can
I'll walk along with you
all the way 
to the end of the field
down the road and out
and leave you there
I know you know
the rest of the way
you wont get lost

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Progress Report--his name is Charlie

Put out a wildlife camera on the porch,  and finally got two good shots of this guy:

aha he's a grey torotoise shell mix, with the appetite of a wolverine.  Trouble is, its getting colder, and by my calculations  canned cat food freezes solid within a half hour at 20 degrees.

He won't come in.  If I appear in the doorway he quietly  jumps off the porch and hides.  Or goes back to his possible home under the barn.

Just keep on keepin on, I guess.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Things We Have To Leave Behind (6WS)

  sometimes  the forest wins

   or there is no longer a need

    sometimes we outgrow our passions
    or find new ways of working

It can be hard to let go of the familiar

or the cherished

  and childhood is a beginning, often down a cold unfamiliar  road,  not an end in itself

We leave things behind all the time.  Friends,  family, memories,  passions.  I guess the secret is to cherish the memories,  and try not to regret what we can't bring back

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Maybe maybe not

he's been hanging around for at least three days,  keeps coming back to the same rock on the wall.  First time I saw him, he was outwaiting the deer and turkeys who swarmed around him  like, um,  a rock in the stream.  Now he sits on That Rock and waits for something edible  to appear .

When I call him he looks over here, a long slow stare.  Not nervous,  just careful.  

put food out for him last night,  dry kibble on the porch.  It looked swirled around a bit but thats all.  Racoons would have eaten most of it ,  flung the rest around, had a fight over the water dish. Probably would have taken the dish home for a souvenir.

We'll see.   It's up to him. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

thoughts in a cold new month (6WS)


not-knowing balanced
against the known: how sad to  turn,
find you not there

that shift when the tide
changes places with itself
rolls back up the beach

the sound the wind makes
when it stops; whispery leaves
hang silent again

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flash Fiction

End of the Affair Before it Even Got Started

"I won't", he said,
"and you shouldn't"
and he walked away

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Frustrated Human--1, Safety Cap--0 (6WS)

one screwdriver, two ratchet wrenches,  two letter openers,  a wicked looking leather awl, and a seriously sharp steak knife later...the cap, by the way, is supposed to look like that,  it looks pretty in the store but you just can't get enough "push down" to make the "turn" work.  what it really needed was a five year old.   

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NOW its time to put on the storm doors

Turning Point

there comes a day in mid fall
when the wind is colder than it should be
the clouds are so low you can almost smell them

when the wind picks up
you head back to the house for a sweater
everything looks wilted,  tired,  finished

you know it will rain by evening,
if not before,
a cold slow steady rain

and its a turning point
no matter how warm the days  to follow are
there's that edgy feel to it

that even the small birds sense
and ragged flocks of them begin moving out
into the fields and south.

There's a snow feel to it all
you'd not be surprised to see
a bit of snow mixed with the rain

makes you glad you got the wood covered
and you throw another stick in the stove
just because you can

Monday, October 21, 2013

Half a Conversation Overheard

yes, yes, tomorrow

probably a week

it cant be  helped,  it's where the work is

well, you understood  when we got married
that there'd be times...

yes.  I see

one of the neighbors can take the puppy
until i get back

ill call you when I get home
we can talk then

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I think summer is probably over (6WS)

this is what's left outside,  the tatty area is what we started with   this summer ...
and all of that is now in here.   When you open the kitchen door into the shed this is what you see.  Two rows to go, yessah.

and the garden now looks like rats live there, except for the nasturtiums...and one lone about-to-bloom poppy to the right of the nasturtiums...

Saturday, October 12, 2013

"I just want to see you be brave"

LJ Cohen posted this at her blog, and its so much fun,  seemed  a shame not to steal it. Thanks, Lisa. 
Now and then everyone needs permission,  if only from  themselves, to dance, to sing, to be who they really are,  and not give a rip who cares.  

Well Lookit What I Just Found (6WS)

Well, silly me.  I've had this blog for four years and counting,  and i just discovered the NavBar search function at the top.  Type in  "bird" and all the posts with "bird" in them come up.  Type in "snow" and the same thing happens (with "snow", of course. Not "bird")

 She is a happy woman, yep.  A bit slow around the sharp corners sometimes, but happy.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Owl Music redux

                           some things deserve a second viewing.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Never Count The Old Tree Out (6WS)

apple trees are notorious for living apparently forever.  This one is (possibly) a  Gravenstein,  a very old very good species.   For the past decade or so we've watched this tree, which had a massive trunk,  slowly get more and more brittle, limbs came off, it looked dead.
Let's wait a bit, I said.   Put away the chain saw ("but.. but...we can use the wood.  it's DEAD")  and give it some time.

This year the few puny branches, like wisps of hair on an old man's head,  became serious foliage.

and on one side:

if you look really closely you can see apples and even the parts that look as if they could be cut off with a pair of scissors now have living branches.  Just 'cause it's old, doesn't mean it's not got value. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Follow Up to August 10th, moving the beauty bush

                              It has sprouted in its new home
                                joy and feasting all around

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Free complaint dept. day. Feel free to whine

Peeve 3,786

People who see you a half mile across the parking lot and decide to hold the door open for you
forcing you to either break into a brisk trot or let them wait until you're almost there and then they give up and let the door swing shut...

Traffic lights that try to combine right turns and  pedestrians at the same time.  As the light changes to green,  all the waiting pedestrians cross en masse,  forcing you to wait, and then the light turns red again...

Ladies' restrooms

Electric cars that cost more in energy wasted and less value per mile than they could ever hope to amortize or justify by the amount of gasoline used or not used.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Life in the Slow Lane (6WS)

The only thing more annoying than a company who sells Five Year Planners is knowing there are people  out there who actually have a need for one, and can plan their lives so precisely that they know what will be happening five  years from now.

I am always comforted  by two things:  every morning I'm still here (if I'm not, I'll let you know so you won't worry) and that the sun and moon rise when they're supposed to.

Beyond that,  and a few predictable holidays,  it's all mostly a slow moving train with a  new view at every bend.  And if you don't know where you're headed,  you can't be disappointed when you don't get there.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Untitled, thank you for the prompt (6WS)


now there are two trains
one heading east
the other heading into fog
we wave politely  to each other
through half open windows
as we travel on slowly diverging rails
acknowledging the need for individual trains
and the distance  that slowly separates  us
one pretending it matters
one pretending it doesnt

Thursday, September 19, 2013


I lost Wednesday this week.  Maybe it got lost in the wind.  If I had been planning on Thursday it's too late,  I'll have to celebrate it in retrospect.  That does, however, bring me to Friday faster than I had planned, but hey, Im flexible.  I can adjust.

It comes out even eventually;  I'll just give Sunday a pass and that should catch me up quite nicely.

If you peer closely you can see all those little yellow Roma tomatoes waiting to ripen. I have two of these monsters, and have already pulled about 15 pounds from them. it's about 5' high and twice as wide.   My husband is scared of it, and I don't blame him.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

let's try this one all over (6WS)


a breeze rises up from the valley floor
lifts your hair, pushes at you

and at that moment know
you're over the edge

look back the way you came
to the summit that now looms like a wall

there is no turning back;
the only way is down, moving carefully

over shale and loose stone
with the afternoon sun at your back

the valley spread out in a green welcome
and far below, someone waving,
climbing up 

Friday, September 13, 2013


I think as we get older our personal routines take on a life of their own.  They become who we are, what we are.

"Oh",  she says,  "I can't come Wednesday,  that's the day I have to bake my cookies".  Even though there may be  six perfectly good unused days left,  and the cookies take an hour out of her morning,  Wednesday is the day she bakes cookies.   It may also be an easy excuse used too often,  when she wants to get out of shopping,  or visiting a  neighbor she really doesnt like,  or just because.  

I  use Tuesdays ("oh,"  I say,  regretfully.  "I can't make  it on Tuesday,  that's the day I volunteer.") And even if  I don't go,  it's still the day I volunteer.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

This, The Pause, In The Conversation--(6WS)

--while I consider what has happened, what will happen, and all that other stuff that goes into someone's  life. Nothing bad, nothing evil or even very noteworthy beyond the personal,  but right now the memory banks are on overload (which happens, heaven help us all) and I need to plow through that;  the garden needs cleanup-for-winter very soon,  the lawn needs a serious haircut,  and the eternal woodpile, while it shrinketh, doesn't shrinketh enough without some human intervention.

Sometimes intervention is necessary, but most of the time the best thing anyone can do is wait while it sorts itself out.  I  have friends who are going through difficult times right now;  much of what they are dealing with is personal,  and painful.  Hard to watch, harder to be in the middle of.   There is nothing I can do for them except listen and  love them and let them know that.

When we were kids the big thing was double-dutch jump rope.  Two jumpropes,  synchronized by the girls at either end,  and the jumper was expected to time her own entry into that swirling pair of ropes precisely--and start jumping over both ropes as they whizzed under your feet.  How we did that without garroting ourselves I have no idea.  That's what memory is like, in a way.  All of it coming at you at once, some days, and you know the only way to deal with some of the harder stuff is to just jump in and start moving through it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Potato season

It's like eating popcorn.   You pull one plant  "just to see" and what's under there looks soooo good you think, oh, lets do the next one--then you realize pulling one exposes the potatoes under the next plant and before you know it the  whole bed is dug and you are left with what seems like--and probably is--entirely too many potatoes

this averages out to about 100 pounds so far, with one more bed to go.    These were planted in leaf mold and hay this year,  rather than straight dirt.  Id say the yield beats anything I've done so far.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tidying up the edges

2nd chimney cleaned,  everything put away for wintah.

Bring on the snow.

err.  Maybe not right way...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chimney talk

The kitchen chimney is clean.  I am not.
It's been three years,  and last winter I was a bit nervous about letting the fire get too hot, especially when I first started the stove up.  But faithfully I kept putting the Rutland (unabashed plug here for the stuff) Creosote  Cleaner to it, once or twice a week.

This is amazing stuff.  I've never seen such a clean (pre-wire brushing) chimney.  That means i do NOT have to do this every year,  I do NOT have to hire someone to do it for me.  Yet.

Tomorrow,  I do it all again in the dining room.  I may not even mind.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Sometimes there are trigger points in life;  a piece of music, a photograph, even a voice or a picture where someone WASN'T;  and you suddenly come up against a memory.   Not necessarily what the trigger invoked, but the strongest version of it.    Once that happens, the cellar door flies open and all the other peripherals flood out,  chattering and leaving muddy footprints on the good carpet. .

Usually the only way through it is through it;.  face the ache in the gut,  the river of what if and if only that flows behind your eyes,  and let it go again.  On the plus side, if you look at this stuff from all angles often you gain a new understanding (being all that much older and stuffed full of wisdom) of what happened, and why,  and can convince yourself that it was all for the best.

Well, two out of three isnt bad.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013


the sun lies long
on the tedded fields
ribbons of mowed hay 
waiting for the baler

the balerman comes 
with his fierce machine
a miracle of twine and gears
turning chaos into order
one bale at a time

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Its That Time of The Year (6WS)

 First we grow stuff   (yes it really is six feet high and yes it really is a tomato plant)

 Then we mow stuff (his dad's old Allis Chalmers tractor)

Then we feast (and a good time was had by all)  

(and a special thank you to Cate for this exercise: if forces all of us, I think, to consider where we are, and why, and maybe even how we got there,  week by week.  Some weeks are harder than others, some just get pulled out of the clouds. Either way,  its cool. )

Friday, August 16, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

Thinking Out Loud

6 pm, the shadows are clear across the lawn, the sun just skims the tops of the trees on the west side of the house.  Feels like fall. Dry,  hot, but with a chill after dark that says, 'where's my sweater gotten to?".   We sit on the porch and listen to cicadas and watch the dragonflies feasting on the insects Ive stirred up with mowing.

There's a feel of an early fall about.  Like chipmunks and squirrels, we begin to move a bit faster;  tasks we 've put off all summer now become urgent.  Get the wood in the shed, a voice mutters.  and don't forget the damn chimneys.  CLEAN em.   It's a laundry list of Things We Must Do, and in all of that,  I wonder quietly just how long I can do this.

I've been thinking seriously about  hiring professional chimney cleaners.  Not  yet, but soon.  Maybe next year.   Im always one project behind and one ahead, one way or the other.  I guess that's good, you never run out of things to do.

Or to think about.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Too Much Of A Good Thing (6WS)

its a pretty thing,  called a Beauty Bush.  This is a two year old picture--this year it totally blocked the front door and was just five feet short of the roof edge and something needed to be done.

                                                      So, we moved it.

One giant step at a time

you can see the outline of it on the house

and the space it left  

a short trip across the lawn 

and its new home  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

waning crescent 2.3% light

Morning moon,  morning star
the thinnest of edges 
as night lights go
you'd lose your way for sure
sometimes a little light
is worse than no light at all
it can blind you to the possibilities
all around you

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trying to Make It Out Alive (6WS)

now and then around sunset
he takes his favorite flute--
the one that could summon  whales
if there were any to call--
and heads out to his favorite
flute playing chair on the porch

sometimes he calls the whales
tries not to think about what would happen
if one showed up after all
or just plays that one low note
that gets all the dogs barking
across the valley below

and sometimes he just studies the flute
thinks about the music it makes
and the magic it makes inside him
trying not to look up
when a plane drones by
far overhead;
trying to make it out alive
for one more day

he plays the sun down
and if he's timed it right
the moon rises right on cue
and when the stars come out
he knows he's made it
and maybe she'll be home

Friday, August 2, 2013

waning crescent 2

watch the sweep
of wind across the fields
hurrying August
ahead of it
and  clouds
that turn  the crescent moon
to smoke

Thursday, August 1, 2013

queen anne's lace

We  mow around this on the side lawn,  and it's turning into it's own little field;  I  noticed this week that other people do the same thing, now.  I like seeing that.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Waning Crescent

As our side of the moon
fades  into the dark sky
I often wonder
what the people
on the other side see

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Half Moon

savages once made up stories
about the sungods eating the moon
and crafting a new one
to take its place
i guess when you dont know the answer
you make up one to fit
whether its about a half moon
or a half memory that won't go away

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Today we had company and lived (6WS)

They brought the dog, they brought the baby (who is now walking),  we had lunch,  we went for a walk,  we discussed deep throaty matters, and they went home.
I"m exhausted.   Either we have to do this more often, or never again.  =)

Tomorrow, it will have been fun. Right now it's just over.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Three Quarter Moon

I f you knew just where to stand
between the sun and the moon
at the right horizon
on  top of a  very tall mountain
you could make shadow puppets
against the biggest blank wall
in the universe

Thursday, July 25, 2013

waning gibbous 2

one slice at a time
it slowly turns its back
and moons us

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Waning Gibbous

no full moon tonight
last night was quite enough
for everyone

Monday, July 22, 2013

Go, turkeys, go

about two weeks ago,  nineteen baby turkeys, two mothers.  They join forces sometimes to protect their young,  and in the past it has been a very successful venture.  if you look carefully you can see that one brood is slightly larger than the other, perhaps by a day or two.

this was the day they learned how to Cross a Road safely

They have also invaded my garden, wiping out an entire generation of slugs and icky beetles in one pass,  19 little Hoovers,  bless 'em.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

some weeks are a blank wall... (6WS)

Well, sort of...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Small things are sometimes the best

Finally found a temp. conversion chart that does not require a degree in math or the ability to remember 6 difficult things about fractions.  Plug in the number,  and you have the temperature in many many forms.  Possibly more than you ever wanted.

>>>>it's also in the interactive list ovah theyah >>>>

and  welcome to Melissa and Mary,  ty for joining

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Low whiney sounds

After spending  several days with reading glasses and tweezers trying to manipulate a memory chip that could hide under a broken cornflake,  I am convinced that miniaturization really  has a bottom line; and for me, this may be it.
"Just because we can"  is no longer an acceptable excuse when you realize dropping one of these things on a pile rug means the next entity  to find it could the the vacuum or, god forbid, the dog.

Yes, yes, these chips  can hold the entire Library of Congress and all the music ever recorded and barely make a presence on the chip,  but if the dog sees it as a yummy new edible,  it really wont matter, will it.

(deep despairing sigh)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Change is good yes it is (6WS)

Kicking and screaming I have been dragged into the century of Google Chrome.  It has not been pretty.  Some things work, some things elude me,  some things I would like to take a three pound hammer to.
As with all things Google,  it likes to direct traffic whether the traffic wants to go there or not.  I woke  up this morning to find half the icons on my desktop had been changed to Google icons.  Mine,  it gurgles,  all mine.  

By nature I dislike change.  Adopteds have that problem (considering the traumatic goings on at the beginning, all out of their control) for their entire lives,  to one extreme or the other.  Some of us dislike leaving (home,  friends,  changing schools), some dislike being left behind, no matter how innocent the intent.   So when change is forced on us by outside sources it becomes doubly difficult to handle.  Lotta whining and moaning.

A little voice keeps saying, "It shouldn't be this hard' and another little voice just sniggers.

Friday, July 12, 2013

well this has been an adventure

I'm getting a tad weary of google chrome, and golly it's only been with us for fifteen minutes...however it looks like I may live.   This has not been fun.   Working in Google has always been like walking a narrow tightrope over quicksand,  and this was no exception.

this may be my last post on this blog since i am unable to use the post box and i am getting a runaround from Google about it

however this seems to be working at the moment if I overflow the title box. 
Stay tuned this just got interesting.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I dont even care what it is

                                                                 but i want one

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sometimes It Just Sneaks Up Quietly (6WS)

This morning I realized it wasn't Friday the 5th,  but omg Saturday the 6th,  and  then I remembered why that sounded so familiar.  Ahhh. it's our 45th anniversary.  Rarely do I remember the date, since I have always been a bit vague on 'was it the 6th or the  8th" and get really funny looks from the mister when I ask. 

But eventually one of us remembers,  which is nice,  and then he says 'im sorry I forgot" and I say, "it's okay, I did too" and it really is okay.  In a way, at least for us, it isn't the event itself that looms, its the fact that we're still here to appreciate it. 

45 years.  wow. Me too. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lord of the Woodpile

This is my damn woodpile, you get that?  I found it,  I claimed it,  I OWN it.  Anyone got a problem with that?    GOOD.