Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New small appliance day

After 15 years my old hair dryer died.  clickclickclickclick.
for 15$ it didn't owe me anything, and it did simple things; dry hair, get the steam off the mirror, annoy the cats.

The new one looks Electronic.  It has a retractable cord,  and black on black instructions on the plug explaining what the red and yellow buttons are for.  Let me get my glasses.  Ah, one is for reset (which I always get nervous about, I have visions of small wires in the wiring bundle HIDDEN in the wall, slowly frying away, getting brighter and brighter.  there has to be a reason why a plug needs to be reset, few of them good.) and the other is for test.  In case you weren't sure  it was working before, "test" will tell you those small wires hidden in the wall are still glowing and you need to Call Someone. =)

I have issues with electricity. You may have noticed.

It also says, "do not use if test fails".

There is a two sided warning sticker on the cord itself--one side says "always "unplug it" after use" (why the quotes?);  is this one of those wink wink nudge nudge phrases?  Then it says DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG,  and to further enhance your hair experience,  WARN CHILDREN OF THE RISK OF DEATH BY ELECTRIC SHOCK.  There is  a rough drawing of a plugged in hairdryer, obviously "on" and plugged in to the wall, floating eerily above a bathtub full of water. A transparent bathtub, with waves apparently sloshing back and forth so you KNOW its water

pictures in the enclosed  11"x15" sheet, showing you how to use a hairdryer. how to plug it in and unplug it. In four languages.  and it also has, for no extra charge, "ionic conditioning' to stop the frizz.  Probably what you get when you drop it in the water and try to retrieve it.  Well worth 19 dollars.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

what happens when you stop micromanaging the lawn

and let the flowers in

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Memory can be a fine mesh sieve

the only thing worse than re-reading a book but not recall it until you're nearly at the end (and suddenly know how it ends)  is re-reading a book and finally remember  that not only did you read it a year ago, but you didnt like it then either.  Sigh.

Friday, August 8, 2014

It was a very bad day (6WS)

 arright arright, im coming, hold yer horses..
 damned humans,  heeeerrreee kitty kitty kitty  niiiice kitty go walkies?  yeah, right...
Some walkies.  All this damned green, all these horrible pine needles, they hurt my FEET.  Dont they know this is my NAP time?
 Where's the sidewalk?  The traffic?  This is a damned forest,  all she does is drag me out here and then disappears, expects me to follow her. Oh, please.
We just  keep walking and walking and walking--my feet hurt, im missing my nap, im thirsty and where the hell IS she...
Yep, there she goes again "there's a good boy, niiiice kitttty"  Oh wait. I heard something
 Oh god. what was that. Sounded like a of those vicious turkeys, I just know it is...
Oookay, that's it, she's hiding, and Im going home. I've had enough of this crap  She wants me, she knows where I'll be.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We have been assimilated

It's happened.  Just got The Call from my husband in the grocery store.  He wanted to know if he should get this size or that size of coffee, and I said, get the one that's the better value.  He said, "but..." i said, you're doing the 'how many eggs do we have in the refrigerator' thing.  

He laughed, I laughed,  and I promise, I will never get/use a cell phone just because I can't remember if we need milk or not.  Ever.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Meditation with the sound turned down (6WS)

The first winter we spent in here, in 1976, was one of the more dreadful winters we had experienced. It was during  those years when we had gone back into a cold weather cycle, and it took us broadside. Temps went down to -20 and stayed there, and zero was considered a warming trend. We had only green oak (never trust avuncular wood guys, they dont hear what you need;  they hear what they think you need) to burn for most of the winter, and the parlor stove I guilted  my mother out of.  The dog would wake me in the morning, barking ferociously at his water dish, which had frozen solid over night.  He was never a fan of ice, lol.

One of the cats, weary of being cold all the time, royally expressed her annoyance by peeing in the dog's bed, all the way through all the old blankets, staring straight at me the entire time. If she had had a middle  finger, it would have been used.  Did it for an entire week at 5 am every morning, and then stopped.  The point had been made, and she managed to score a few points off the dog, too.

There was no running water, no washing machine, no indoor plumbing. The windows were covered with plastic sheeting to at least keep the wind out a bit. on a windy day it was like living in an iron lung,  as the plastic billowed in and out...
I had no driver's license and couldn't leave the house that long anyway, because the kitchen stove was good for three hours, and then it would go out as if it had been switched off.  Did I mention the roof leaked?

But.  And this is important. Neither one of us ever said, or even thought, this is ridiculous, why don't we just pack it in and go to town?  We didn't stay because of the cats or the dog, or because we were so broke we couldn't have afforded an apartment somewhere (which we weren't);  it quite simply never occurred to us to leave.  There were harder years, and colder winters, but we were more prepared for them, and had learned how to work around the hard parts.

 I finally understand that it has become, for us, a  meditation. For someone else  it might be the neighbor's apple orchard,  or the lake you visit every summer with a profound sense of coming home, and the long wait all winter to return.  It can even be an avocation (woodworking, pottery, photography...) chosen without the sense of "This instead of  That" in the process.  "This"  you say, solidly, "is what I am, and what I do."  It defines you, even as you define it within yourself.  For Harry Truman, (the Mt. St. Helen's guy, not the President) it was the mountain. When they came to bring him down from the mountain, he refused. It was his home, he said.  I can understand that.

It can also be the land you live on, the house you own.   It matters.

my mother in law, the least fanciful  of women, once said, 'this is a good place to heal". and she was right.

Friday, August 1, 2014


New sign on the board at my favorite church marquee:
"The King is Back!"

forgive me, but the first thing I thought of was, there's been an elvis sighting...