Friday, March 25, 2016

They are calling this 'ice pellets" now

     I don't care what March came in as, but it's surely going out as a Yeti...

Monday, March 21, 2016

Words of one Syllable department

One of the coupons from my KMart purchases yesterday:

                                 5% OFF
                    APPAREL PURCHASE


Role Play??? is this now Kinky Mart?

On another front, my new microwave (in two languages and every other line is a safety warning) tells me that I  MUST keep my microwave clean and I MUST never clean the oven while it's plugged in --but as an alternative,  it says if you cannot access the plug, be sure to keep the door open while you clean it.  er.  Unless you are very very tiny, this is almost a given...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Something is tugging at my sleeve (6WS)

1)  I now have one of those annoying little pill box strips that not only reminds you to take your pills but also tells you what day it is,  instead of staring at a blank calendar and realizing that in order to know what day it IS, you have to know what day it WAS...

2)  it took me three tries yesterday to figure out how to spell cupboard.  Two tries to get deciet deceit  right.

3)  I can still add, multiply and subtract,  but division is beginning to elude me;  this is not good.  I was never in the top forty when it came to math,  but at least I could handle division.

4)  My handwriting is now illegible enough to confuse even me. I would like to blame the computer for that, and do so frequently, but still...

5)  Last year my closest friend (who is 94 this year) called to tell me she had written me a real letter, and when it came I decided the least I could do was respond in kind.  After I found the paper, an envelope, and a pen.  It covered a full sheet and half the back side, and by the time I was done, a half hour later,  I was exhausted.

6)  I have mastered the 15 minute Chair/Book Nap and the instant Asleep at the Keyboard Nap which hints at  the  terrifying  possiblity of Supper Naps in the future...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Looseleaf Notes, colleen, if you're out there...

It would seem that your blog has been taken over by
someone selling tea.  Im assuming this is not your doing,
and you have been visited by the Redirect Monster...
No matter where or how  I click, it comes up tea...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

In honor of PI Day, Monday, March 14

Pi Day (What Pi sounds like)

frankly Tau sounds better but there is no Tau day...=)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Friday, March 11, 2016

Sir Terry Pratchett 1948-2015

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Terry Pratchett's death:  I've been thinking about this, and him, and his books, for quite some time now.

He is the one author I never weary of, and have read his complete series several times--and each time I do, as I age, I see more, and in a different way than I did before.  Every time, it's different.  He is funny, and sad, and can move me to tears on page 17 and have me laughing out loud two paragraphs later.

He makes you think, and rethink, all the while teaching you things.  He has subtly delineated the history of the British Postal system,  printing, money, (and printing money), how the British policemen  and their place in London came to be.  The Buddhist monks come into it, dragons, strange gods, wizards, and talking dogs;  as does his philosphy of death, life, time, and humanity.

You end up caring, and thinking, about his characters.

He has written (besides a children's series and myriad of other things) a series of DiscWorld books, 41 strong.   He has been compared to Douglas Adams, and yet when I read Adams, I am rarely moved, and often disappoiinted, because he seems to be a one note cynical writer.

I have never seen a single book of  Pratchett's  in the used books bins anywhere, from yard sales, church book sales, or thrift store shelves.

Anyone who has never read his books, or wants to know where to start,  start at the beginning, but don't be discouraged by that first book (The Color of Magic).  It's not that good, but it introduces you to the characters in embryonic form.  I only read it now because it is the first book, and the ones to follow only get better, and it's nice to see how his gifts as a writer grew.

It's obvious Pratchett loves his characters, even the despicable ones.  And I am reminded not only of Dickens but  Shakespeare, both of whom wrote across the spectrum of humanity by the time they were done.  Each of them wrote for the time they were in, as does Pratchett.

There.  Now I feel better =)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

What does one DO with this stuff?

Having just spent nearly two months cleaning out, clearing out, and just plain dumping,  it suddenly occurs to me that one of the hardest categories to deal with is Things Someone Else Saved;   most notably,  the Inanimate Object Category, which includes Petrified wood,  Old Interesting Bones/Skulls,  Unusual Rocks, and SeaShells.
Right now Im looking at a rock that weighs close to 20 lbs, has a lot of smaller rocks embedded in what might or might not be cement, lava, or other rock.  There is also an equally heavy and almost totally round rock that now and then escapes its moorings and rumbles across the floor. Don't ask.  
It's granite, and obviously someone found it in a stream bed at one point, but frankly I wish they had left it there.  It's just borderline interesting enough to keep off the stone wall, but not interesting enough to show to visitors.  I just keep my feet away from it.   As a door stop, it's obviously worthless. 

A few of the others I have carefully /quietly placed back on the stone wall.   Im still not sure what to do about the sea shells. Most of them someone gave or sent to my husband's grandmother, since they are all Florida shells.  When we first moved up here one of the first things she did was bring me her 'favorite' conch shell, as a  house warming gift.   It always sat, she said, on the sideboard in the dining room, it was one of  her favorite shells, and a  friend who lived in Florida brought it up for her...

Some of these shells are huge, true conch shells, but once the novelty of  the dinner plate sized shell wears off, there's not a lot you can do with it.  In a way it's like finding antlers in the attic, reminders of Uncle Eddy's prowess with a gun.  sigh.

ahhhh I may have it.  Garden houses for gnomes, toads, and snakes. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Early Spring Fever

This is the kind of day that smells like spring.  

I kept thinking, porch furniture.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mama ain't happy

Bloglovin'--I can see this is going to be a difficult relationship

The amount of information they bombard you with is incredible:  its like being attacked by curious spiders. So far in two days I have had to unsubcribe twice and close out an entire nest of blogs that they want me to view.
I want what I have, and if I want others, I'll manage it, thank you very much.  Why would I want to read about 20 other food blogs if I like the ONE I read now?  It reminds me of over eager sales girls in a dress shop who suddenly realize that you are looking at grey dresses,  and start  hauling out all the grey clothing they can find.  If you move on to brown or red, they follow you, arms laden with red chiffon and brown leather.

It also appears that if I do NOT join this thing there will be getting NO announcements from anyone about new posts.  ("If you don't eat your cereal, young lady, there will be no saturday cartoons for you...")

It would appear that what Blogger has done is take a stab at becoming a social network, like Facebook.
Circles and Google + and now bloglovin' and most of them, once you belong, are inescapable.  Close out Google+ and your entire blog will disappear, apparently, along with your front porch,  the  mailman, and the family dog.


picks up podium,  exits stage left,  staggering slightly

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Oh the joy of spring approacheth...(6WS)

1. ticks  (but the days are longer now)

2. blackflies  (and warmer, much warmer)

3. ticks AND blackflies (warmer, longer days, cling to that)

4. killing frosts just after you've planted everything (but you still have time...its only July...)

5. finding what's left of your favorite lopping shears buried in the compost bin (I wondered where they went...)

6. finding what's left of your favorite garden gloves when you mow over them (but isnt the grass a lovely shade of green...)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Addendum and Happy March 1st yay all over

"cemetary" is not a word.  We have Stephen King to thank for  it, and no one seems to realize he was using that spelling deliberately, the way a book entitled "Chimbleys of the City" does not mean that's the way it's spelled,  but rather the way it gets misspelled.

I looked, by the way. It has yet to find its way into the dictionary, but Im sure in a few years...