Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cuffy (III)

Now that was a long night. I was sure by dark he had gone for good; not a rustle, not a meow. This morning I woke up, put the cats out, and there he was on the porch, looking quite annoyed
and quite hungry.

He came in, ate two full cans of food, had a nap, then ate another. I had to shut him off finally, don't want him thinking this is a steady all day diner...put him out, and lo, he knows how to use the cat door.

Small things, but they all mean I can trust him to be out, to be in, to behave.

The relief is immense, although I'm sure the others are less than overjoyed by his prodigal return...

Rain today, all day it seems, and we were beginning to need it badly. Once the trees start to leaf out they suck a lot of that moisture out of the ground very rapidly. Wood stoves feel good on a day like this, for sure.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cuffy II

well, now. after the second day in a row being awakened by the aroma of kitty pee at 4 am, I thought, this is getting insane. It isnt exactly something you can ignore, so I was in the dining room on hands and knees with the PineSol, considering my options. And his.

We're down to two. Either he becomes a cellar-at-night-cat (not really acceptable), or an indoor-outdoor cat much sooner than we had anticipated. I'm hoping he stays, I'm praying to the God that Protects Small Furry Cats that he doesnt try to go home. He has gone to ground somewhere, and with luck is merely sleeping in the leaves under the porch. Ive left food out for him to find.

If he goes, he will be a very expensive stray kitty again.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cuffy the first day

Cuffy's first photo, sleeping it off on the good furniture...

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Two days ago I got a cat from a friend. Cuffy was a stray, and the man who gifted me with him
has no clue as to cats or their problems. The cat apparently has no idea what a litter box is for, (oh treats), and since I am not letting him out for a week or so, this becomes a problem. We will be trying sand-in-a-box, to see if that will be acceptable.

Took him to the vet's today to be neutered and checked over for whatever else he might need doing; just awhile ago the vet called, to say that Cuffy has feline aids. I have three other cats, here. One nearly 17, one 12, and one close to 9. There is, apparently, no way to immunize against this, and cats that live in the same house are very prone to get it.

I took a deep breath and said, let's keep him. He deserves something out of his life, let it be this. He apparently was (at least as of last winter) an outdoor stray; the vet said his ears were frostbitten, and he had two bad teeth. I realize Im taking a chance with my own cats, and maybe that isnt fair to them, but is it any fairer to have Cuffy put down 'just because'?

I told my husband, and we talked about it, and both of us agreed that neither of us has the heart to put down what looks to be a perfectly good cat with some problems. They become our problems, and we deal with it.

I don't know. I just don't know. Sometimes there is no right choice, is there.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15, 2008

The crocuses are up, and the anemones. the jonquils should be in bloom by Friday. Small things, yes, but when you have spent five months staring at nothing but snow, snow, snow, something as minor as a spring crocus or a robin yelling its head off loom very large on the landscape.

Winter here tends to be pretty quiet. No road noise (the snow muffles that), not even crows or owls. Not until mid January do the crows begin to start getting a bit rowdy out there, and only now, when everything is beginning to feel like yes, we made it, do the woods begin to open up with sound. Today, a pileated woodpecker, beating his brains out on a half dead maple, deep in the woods behind the house. Perhaps in a few days a woodcock and their distinctive peent peent peent, like small boats announcing themselves as they come back to port...

We are on the verge of getting two new cats, to flesh out the three we have already. I dont believe I've ever had two full grown cats arrive together, and I suspect ears, noses and tails will be severely stressed over this.
Good for 'em, they could use some new faces to stare at.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Restaurant Manners

When I was a kid, going to a restaurant meant you dressed up a bit, you went with adults, and if you uttered anything above a whisper you were glared at. No wiggling, loud rude sounds, laughing with your mouth full, or silly noises. It was a time to practice being a grown up young lady.

I saw a perfect example of how to handle young children in a restaurant a few weeks back, something that seems woefully lacking these days. Two older people, obviously grampa and grammy, came in with two young boys. They sat. When the menus came, Grammy read off the list of choices. "You can have a hot dog or a hamburger." One had a hamburger, the other had a hot dog. "Do you want gingerale or coke?" one of each. When the waitress came, she ordered for them. It was lovely. Until they get big enough, they will never know of the forty seven other things they could have picked from, nor do they need to. She kept it simple, and easy.

Tonight we went to eat at the same restaurant, and sat near two young mothers with their three young boys. The two older ones hollered, howled, laughed haw haw haw with french fries falling out of their mouths, they raced around the table. The littlest one, confined to a high chair, spent his time throwing as much food as he could across the aisle, and pitching his milk bottle on the floor. The two mothers ignored them all until near the end, when it was time to leave.
We were on our way out as well, and helpful to the end, I picked up the milk bottle and firmly (oh very firmly) placed it on the table, leaving before I started a rant that would still be going on.

It was a stunning example of how parents can tune out the worst behavior in their kids, but if anyone comments, then they look up and tell the kid to stop. And who criticizes someone else's kids, right? I think of it as discipline by proxy, and frankly it's a damn lazy way to raise kids.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Stone Soup

April 7, 2008

First blog, first entry


I feel like a grownup. Or something.

Went out to the garden just before sunset, managed to walk a careful path around the patches of snow we have left (and we have lots), and noticed the jonquils are about two inches up. My lord, I thought, go back go back. It's too early. Maybe in a month, when we don't have snow...

I dont know where this is going, perhaps nowhere, into the dark hole of Lost Blogs, Forgotten grocery lists, and oldbutstillgood socks that have escaped from the basket like stray puppies and are now hiding under the bed, breathing softly...

Or maybe not.