Friday, June 18, 2010

garden things

this is a big old rock maple in our yard. The green cascading over the front of it is NOT maple leaves, but rather a wildflower called Celandine, with pretty little yellow blooms. It originally was on the ground directly beneath where it is now, and apparently a bird or squirrel carried one of the seed pods up and lodged it in the vee...and there it sits.

I really got into the potato thing this year, raised bed, straight compost for planting, and so far they are really really nice looking plants. Hilled them up for the first time yesterday and dusted them with sulfur powder to keep the bugs away.

Having grown potatoes before sporadically, with wildly varying degrees of success, I'm not counting on anything until the vines are pulled and the potatoes are in my hands, nossir.

But right now...

They are, for those who set store by such things, Maine potatoes, probably Katahdins. I went all out and planted three pounds, which should yield at least 40-50 pounds. Last year I got a 25-1 ratio, so we shall see.