Saturday, December 9, 2017

o boy it's snowing

o boy it's snowing
o boy it's snowing
o boy it's snowing
o boy it's snowing
o boy it's snowing
o boy it's snowing
o boy it's snowing
o boy it's snowing
o boy it's snowing
o boy it's snowing
o boy it's snowing
o boy it's snowing

ookayyyy enough of that.  Can we have spring, now?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

alphabet soup x 2 (T13)

harry houdini

suzanne somers

barry bonds

billie burke

betty boop

bugs bunny

charlie chan

tommy tune

arthur ashe

joanie jett

roger rabbit

roy rogers

jack jones

Thursday, November 30, 2017

where ARE you (Thursday13)

1. trying to get from here to there

2. in the middle of nowhere

3. between a rock and a hard place

4. over the hill

5. under the weather

6. traveling light

7. taking the long way home

8. living  life in the slow lane

9. caught in the middle

10. out to lunch

11. at the bottom of the barrel

12. beyond all reason

13. on the right page in the wrong book


Thursday, November 23, 2017

I've had better days (Thursday13)

1.  all thumbs

2. at sixes and sevens

3. two left feet

4.  in a blue funk

5. tied up in knots

6.  under the weather

7.  ham-handed

8.  one foot in the grave

9.  in over my head

10.  too much information...

11.  tongue-tied

12.  how much?

13.  butterfingered

New Thursday 13

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

he's gone. he left me alone with the new phone


I found the camera
I found that if you hit the wrong button
you are suddenly staring at yourself


and if you don't know what you're doing
you even get to take a video of yourself
trying to find the buttons to TURN IT OFF

nothing sharpens your phone knowledge
faster and more completely than hunting
for the 'reverse camera' mode while keeping
the camera firmly fixed on the ceiling...

Then I discovered that while I was away
(in a manner of speaking) the Mr. had
been downloading about nine thousand
YouTube videos of people like Sarah McLachlan,
Sinead O'Connor  and Sting...

Looks to be an interesting day, lol

Monday, November 20, 2017


because I thought
it less than a dream
but truer than I dared to hope
because I thought of all
there was and all there never would be
conjoined with hope and loss
until I would not
separate the two
and because I thought you real
but lost
I lost the chance I never knew I had
to make you real once more

Friday, November 17, 2017

Crowd Control, Feline Division

For a week or so we had been visited daily by two to six hen turkeys, who have discovered the grass- gone-to-seed in front of the porch.  Not long ago Charlie noticed them too.  One morning I was watching them march past the porch, but this time they were clucking nervously, and not stopping. 

Just then my husband came in and said, "um, Charlie's in the shed doorway, watching the turkeys..."  and then we noticed him walking slowly down the driveway about five feet behind the turkeys.  Not stalking them, not making grrrr noises. Just walking.   I said, "I think he's shooing them away..." and after several  more paces, he sat down, and waited.  The turkeys, glancing over their shoulders, continued down the driveway.   Then he turned and came up onto the porch.

The line had been drawn, lol. 

It reminded me of the way mounted officers keep crowds from getting out of hand:  they carefully move the horses slightly closer,  and since few people want to risk losing a foot or having a huge horse butt in their face, they back up a bit.  Nudge, nudge, nudge.

The turkeys, by the way,  no longer march down the driveway past the porch.

Friday, November 10, 2017


If you use the lightbox you can see that those black bits are birds:  starlings, in fact.  Two days ago  I went out on the porch and heard that squeaky rusty windchime sound they make when they're  migrating/feeding.   The sound, while not deafening, was loud enough to get my attention.  I walked down into the field and could see them inside the woods, moving west to east, the back group flying over the crowd to become the front feeders.  It's a marvelous way to keep the flock moving foward and no one starves.

Some of them landed on the field just outside the woods, and when they took off it was like the shock wave sound you get when a bomb goes off elsewhere.  Yesterday we had three new batches, this time flying above the trees as well as inside them,  and the sound when they all landed and then took off truly had a reverb. Im guessing this group was maybe a thousand or so, the later groups might have been three times that.   this is the first time in maybe twenty years that we've seen them.  

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thursday 13

Why we put up with all the nonsense with the cold and the snow and mice, roof rakes and leaks and wndows that now and then blow in, in a REALLY good blizzard...

 back field

 driveway early summer

Cuffy and his catnip dreams

view out the  front window

 poppy  and beauty bush

mother turkey and her babies

 no one says you can't


woodpile in October

 barred owl looking over his shoulder

 wood in September

Turkey Vulture (really)

young buck in November

Saturday, November 4, 2017

I now have a new SmartPhone (6ws)

When the mister decides
he knows how to use it
and what all the buttons do
maybe I'll get to play with it too

Friday, November 3, 2017

The gift that just keeps giving and giving...

Power's back, the tree crews have been moved (I suspect) onto tree clearing in other parts of the state--and this morning we got a phone call from the electric company.   Oh dear, I thought.

she seemed sooo happy to find me at home, and then told me there was a 'slight problem' with our bill this month, because of the storm.  The automatic meters apparently had been damaged by the storm, and our bill was a  "little bit higher than it was supposed to be."  Pause.  "Quite a bit  higher."  Pause.
"Actually it's "$162...thousand".   I started laughing at that...

She said it would probably be arriving today or tomoroow, and we did NOT have to pay it ("oh good")  and a corrected bill would be in the mail by next week. 

I did the math on that, and it figures out to exactly 180 years of  phone service  at our current bill average. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

power's back

a full day earlier than we were expecting. 

What a treat to flip that switch and have a light come on!

They don't pay those power crews enough, for what they do...

Monday, October 30, 2017

Living better electrically

Last night we had wind and rain,  I slept through most of it, but apparently that cyclone/tropical storm really did sweep over us.

I woke this morning to a very damp front hall (wind blew the water right  under the doorsill) and no power. No water.  And I forgot last night to fill pails, just in case.

We have a generator, however.  Life is good.

power outages in NH

Saturday, October 28, 2017

danger danger will robinson

It's okay, I think, something happened and blogger has deleted all of my followers, I have no  idea why.  All I get is a 502 error in the terribly empty box.    So I didn't do it, and maybe they'll come back.  (sobbing)

When You Wake From A Dream (6WS)

when you wake from a dream
of something that never happened
to the reality
of something that will never happen
and the other reality
that it was your own gentle inanition
and fear
that cost you both
and lost you both to each other

there is no justification
no excuse from either side
to bandage that wound

and so it weeps,
and heals and tears open
leaving jagged edges

you pushed the button
that opened the door
blame who you like
for what followed
but that's the reality

Monday, October 23, 2017

I miss TV

No, no. Not the pay as  you go stuff, with 200 channels to pick from, but the old fashioned box with maybe a remote and maybe not, where it actually had an on/off switch and a channel was free,  if you wanted a program you changed the channel without bothering with a menu or 200 choices.

It worked.

You had a TV Guide.

You had series, and reruns, old movies, Sesame Street,  the Muppet Show,  All in The Family,  Dr. Who,  Saturday Night Live.  You could watch Walter Cronkite, or Peter Jennings, and trusted them.  Jay Leno,  Johhny Carson. Awful quiz programs, local broadcasts.  Championship golf.  Bowling, for god's sake. It still feels weird to go to bed without a nightly dose of late news...

And as one friend said, "I can't watch TV unless I have something good to read!"  I can't knit unless the TV is on.  No, I can't knit in front of the computer, and I can't knit without something else to watch at the same time.

I miss it.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cat Doors

We have three back doors; the entry door, the kitchen back door, and the woodshed door. Only the woodshed door opens out, into , yep, the woodshed. 
We have a relatively strict rule about Cats After Dark, since we live in the middle of the woods, and there are a lot of things that eat other things, including cats.  When I get up in the morning in the fall and spring, it's pretty dark out there at 5 and 6 am.  This morning I was up at 6, made my coffee, explained 18 times to a very impatient Charlie that no we do NOT let you out until I can see the sky lighting up. 
I"ve never seen him this frantic, lol.  He tried the cellar door, jiggle jiggle, he tried the other two out- side door handles, jiggle jiggle, and then the woodshed door. JIGGLE JIGGLE clank clank and I looked over to see him hanging off the latch with one paw and wiggling the lifter with the other.  And then the door made a squeak, and out he went.

We've never bothered with a hook on it, because it's really an inside door and the shed is locked when we leave. 

However, apparently a 13 lb determined cat can muscle it open just fine.  There may be a hook and eye in his future, if he does it again. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

No matter which way geese fly (6WS)

autumn or spring,
north or south,
they're always  heading home

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Abuse of the system

When you turn the corner into "older"  several things start happening:  regardless of your capacity or capability, you are now regarded as old and fuddly.

We are suddenly getting glossy flyers from a new (read expensive) retirement community that obviously caters to the rich, the filthy rich, and people who actually use words like luncheon and demitasse...the flyers show golfers, tanned, white haired and well groomed, smiling and laughing as they stride across the greens to the 9th hole or whatever,  always a happy couple.   You just know the Recreation Coordinator is a perky young thing with a clipboard and an electric smile.

Last month we got a an invitation to 'attend" one of those luncheons, RSVP,  two hours of food and selling. I shudder at what these places must cost, and I suspect it's also a gated community. I also realized that we would be as out of place at that luncheon as a cow in the front hall.

We now get cheery reminders (recorded, tyvm) from the pharmacy alerting us to our prescriptions, and golly gee, it's been filled.  The first few times this happened one of us hustled down the next day only to find that not only had it not been filled, it wasn't even on the list yet.  Come back in two weeks, the pharmacist said.

Realtors send us invitations to 'show' our property.  No. Just no.

BlueCross sends my husband yearly announcements about his blood pressure, his diabetes, and practically shouts at him in the flyer. "DO YOU KNOW YOU HAVE DIABETES?  YOU NEED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN..." yes, yes, twenty years and holding on that, we fine.  What scalds me, Im the one with osteo, with reflux, with all manner of little things that someday could be big things.  I have never gotten a notice from BC telling me that I need a mammogram, a diet check for the reflux, and observation by a physician for the osteoporosis.   I guess, since his name is on the Blue Cross stuff first, he gets the attention.

17 years ago I bought my own car. My name, on the transaction.  My money. Damn that felt good.  When I went down to register it, it was listed in my husband's name. I may get over that, but not yet.

Some years ago we decided that his life insurance policy, which would come to term the year he hit 94, would be happier in our hands than in the insurance company's vault.  I called.  They asked if my husband was alive. I said, yes. They asked to speak to hin, to 'verfy'.  sigh.

AARP keeps inviting  us to join. When we were first married, we got an invitation, which I thought was hysterically funny.  I wrote to them and explained that I was 23 and my husband was 24. Come back, I suggested, in 40 years.  And they did. =)

Soon enough, flyers  from nursing  homes, Estate planners,  low income housing, and funeral  homes. In case one of us died and we didnt know what to do with the body.  I'm really looking forward to those, yep.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday 13

what's scarier: 
watching the news 
and knowing--
or not watching it 
and wondering