Thursday, February 11, 2016

closets (Thursday 13)

1. Now I can open the closet door and see what's actually there without fearing for my life
2. All the relevant stuff is finally together
3. Oh, the thrill of finding the cover that matches the jar, or the bowl I thought was gone forever
4. Oh, the thrill of dumping, with a clear conscience, stuff I haven't used yet and probably never will
5. All the shelves are scrubbed, de-moused, and the old wall paper used as shelf paper
6. Labels. Need. more. labels.
7. Now I can close the door all the way
8. The walk in closet now is a walk in closet, rather than a reach in with tongs from the doorway closet
9. If it's broken, why am I saving it
10. If I don't know what it is by now, I never will
11. Wedding presents I didn't like 48 years ago have not improved with age. Unlike us.
12. I had no idea I had acquired so many single rolls of wallpaper
13. The orange conversation piece really has to go. End of discussion

Thursday Thirteen

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Who Never Dreamt of Horses

all night long
she dreams of wild horses
running across open fields
on waking,
she wonders
if horses ever dream
of flying

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bread Day

Cold,  snowy and a stiff north wind. Good day to make bread.
These are smaller loaves, suitable for sandwiches or toast, Oatmeal
this time.  The smell is amazing. I've even converted my husband
to the stuff.  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

Follow-up to the Closet Cleaning

One closet done, one half way there, and it has managed to spread itself to the second floor and the kitchen cabinets, spring cleaning frenzy at its finest.  We knew it would.

Took a car full of stuff and I do mean full to the Salvation Army, resisted the temptation to buy the equivalent in Newer Things,  dropped off about 20 lbs of pennies at the bank (do you have any idea how hard it is to walk casually to a bank when you are listing badly to one side...), and bought groceries. Many many groceries.

I did notice a new and fairly interesting way to spell "curtains" in the Salvation Army, combining dyslexia and French, apparently:  "courtians".  This was not a typo. Every courtian in the place had this carefully hand lettered on the individual  tags, giving even the most mundane pair of gingham courtians a  slightly exotic (or is that exotique), racy air...

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Finally cleaning out the old closets (6WS)

As I age, and the further shore creeps nearer, year by year I've begun revising some deeply held theories ..."That May Come in Handy  Someday"  has turned into,  "If I Haven't Used It By Now...".   "Oh What a Perfect Storage Container" has become  "How Many of These Things Do I Really Need".

 I am also protected by the unwritten law that says, anything to do with the kitchen that does not involve plumbing or wiring is mine to do with as I choose.

I am ruthless.  I am determined. I have a woodstove,  our landfill recycles, and I have many, many cartons marked Salvation Army.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My favorite stupidly written ad of the week, month, possibly all year

Heard repeatedly on a local radio station here,  dramatizing an ad for insulation--the poor woman who is whinging about how they had to turn down the thermostat to save money on fuel, and now "it's so cold we have to wear two sweaters to keep warm."  awwww

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Thought for the Day =)

No  one can ever
teach you how
to use a hammer

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Im still here, still breathing softly

we had some snow,  it's been cold, and then not so cold.

been making bread nearly every day,  trying to get it 'right'.  I figger if I can get sixty loaves ahead by summer we'll have enough to get us through the hot weather because there is no way in hell I am going to fire up a woodstove in July to bake bread.  Im just curious to see if I can get that far ahead.  

Charlie has been perfecting his U-turn,  got it down pretty smooth, now. I open the door in the morning that he insists he HAS to use, marches across the porch, hits the snow, and without pausing U-turns and strides right back in, little mouth working indignantly, ears flat.  My fault, yep.

About the only thing in the news worth writing about is politics, and considering the choices, Id say there's not much worth writing about...

I'm around, in my winter semi-fetal position,  waiting for spring.  Feel free to drop in, don't be strangers.  There's always  coffee and cookies. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Google strikes again...

I just found this announcement from the powers that be at Google and am so excited about it.  Not.   If you have readers who do not belong to Google,  they need to know about this too.  

"In 2011, we announced the retirement of Google Friend Connect for all non-Blogger sites. We made an exception for Blogger to give readers an easy way to follow blogs using a variety of accounts. Yet over time, we’ve seen that most people sign into Friend Connect with a Google Account. So, in an effort to streamline, in the next few weeks we’ll be making some changes that will eventually require readers to have a Google Account to sign into Friend Connect and follow blogs.

As part of this plan, starting the week of January 11, we’ll remove the ability for people with Twitter, Yahoo, Orkut or other OpenId providers to sign in to Google Friend Connect and follow blogs. At the same time, we’ll remove non-Google Account profiles so you may see a decrease in your blog follower count.

We encourage you to tell affected readers (perhaps via a blog post), that if they use a non-Google Account to follow your blog, they need to sign up for a Google Account, and re-follow your blog. With a Google Account, they’ll get blogs added to their Reading List, making it easier for them to see the latest posts and activity of the blogs they follow.

We know how important followers are to all bloggers, but we believe this change will improve the experience for both you and your readers.

Posted by Michael Goddard, Software Engineer"

Thursday 13 Comment

It's a Jungle Out There

This is the place 
where the pavement ends
and the real world 

Thursday Thirteen

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Not much changes, even after 70 years

it's a bit rumply at the bottom, sorry, it  didnt flatten out as well as I'd hoped...this is from a favorite cartoonist of mine,   Gluyas Williams, and he always managed to nail the human condition perfectly  (this was from 1943)

("Fred Perley kept his temper when he had to get dressed up and go out on a wild night to a bridge party at the Dibbles',  and he kept it when he found that his wife  had promised they'd bring their bridge table along, one leg of which kept falling open and tripping him;  but when he got there and found that his wife had got mixed up and the party wasn't  until tomorrow night, things began to happen")

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A fascinating view of the solar system

and the music is pretty cool too

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A very strange year, as far as wildlife is concerned.

This fall I  heard only one skein of geese, and that was below tree level,  possibly my neighbor's freeloading geese going to visit their friends the other freeloading geese about five miles away.
No other migrations.

No ravens this year to speak of, and no migrations.

The tree swallows were sparse and disappeared in early august.

The crows are usually the rowdiest bunch (they remind me of my dad's family,  shouting and tossing rolls at one another at the dinner table) during migration,  probably wondering who hid the car keys and 'you're not taking THAT on the bus, are you INSANE" and all the checking to see if they left the water running and  trying  all the doors... none this year. Very few actual crows around at all except for the one that kept startling the daylights out of me on the porch when he yelled at me for trespassing....

No robin arrivals in the spring, which is usually heralded by a huge number of robins one morning in april,  all over the fields.  I dont think I saw a robin all summer. A friend who spends time in Florida said they had tons of them, more than he's ever seen.  And no spring peepers at all, which is what we all wait for every year.
There were, however,  a huge number of smaller birds, clouds of them, especially this fall, juncoes and sparrows and wrens.  And of course the turkeys. who, it seems, are always with us now.

No mosquitoes.

Once the early feeding frenzy was over, no ticks.  Lots and lots of yellow jackets and white tailed hornets, with ground nests and filling every crevice they could find in the wood pile (which may account for so many frogs in there, too)--in a dry year you learn to look before you lift.  Or better yet, jiggle it and move away.

We did have woodcocks return, and a whippoorwill in the distance.  Owls in the field and I think a mating/nesting pair of red shouldered hawks living  nearby.

Lack of rain was noticeable, that may have forced the  birds to wetter areas.  What was also noticeable was the total lack of interest the weather people had in mentioning a drought that ran from April to September, with almost no rain at all.  Even the trees were wilting.

More frogs than we normally see, sheltering under the wood piles, so I made a few little frog houses with pans of water, and rocks, and covering.  They seemed to appreciate the effort,  I had one filled and in place and the minute I moved away I heard splashing.  =)

And surprisingly we are now in the flight path of a great blue heron, something I ve  only seen once (and at a distance) before, in forty years. We're just too dry for them, so I suspect they are traveling from one swampy area to another.

A wet fall, all rain, no snow, right up until yesterday.  Maybe things will settle out next year.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Neal Acito

 anyone who visits this stuff, put a 'like' in the box.  I think he's earned it.  Nothing fancy, just a good clear voice and you can sing along.  smiles


Red River Valley

Goodnight Irene

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lived through another one. Ho Ho (6WS)

Six kids under the age of three,  two trees,  16 adults of varying ages,  one dog.  And if a partridge had appeared in the living room no one would have been even mildly surprised.  "Somebody wanna get the Pear Tree out? The Partridge just flew in..."

The magic words are,  Someone else's  house, dinner, responsibility.   Yes indeed.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Solstice --Now, we wait

Got the lawn chair out
and the umberella
swept the porch
the iced tea is sitting in the fridge

I'm ready

Sunday, December 20, 2015