Saturday, September 26, 2015

Across the lake, the loon calls (6WS)


1. across the lake, the loon calls
2. leaves rustle with a papery sound
3. morning fires are becoming evening fires
4. an extra blanket for the bed
5. warm in the sun, cool in the shade
6. look up,  the geese are leaving

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Poem for An Early Autumn Morning (6WS)


I have forgotten the names of stones
and clouds, the better to admire color and form
without the burden of name
to tell me what I should be seeing.

The classifications for various sedges
and creeping vines have finally eluded me;
taxonomy can never describe the way
a particular grass tickles your skin
when you walk barelegged through a field,
or the delicate arching of seed heads
heavy and ripe along the side of a shady path.

Nor am I now able to recall 
the fifty words for snow
or sixteen words for water;
knowing the subtle differences between ivies
is less important than it was,
and while I hunt for the name
of that strange red bird
it has grown weary of posing,
and flown back to the nameless tree
in the unnamed wood, and mocks me
with its call, for the rest of the day

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bottoms Up (Thursday 13)

1 Beer for My Horses

2 Whiskey and Wimmin

3 One More for the Road

4 Days of Wine andRoses

5 Whiskey Rye Whiskey

6 Bottle of Wine

7 Little Brown Jug

8 The Parting Glass

9 Whiskey in the Jar

10 There is a Tavern in the Town

11 Drunken Sailor

12 Elderberry Wine

13 Scotch and Soda

Thursday Thirteen

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Funny and scary at the same time

Just clicked on Google and oh golly there's a graphic on the homepage, of birthday cakes...I had a really strange feeling about that, and held the cursor over it and a little popup said "happy birthday Judy"

No, you don't have it.

I can't tell you how unsettling that is, it's like looking out your remote cabin window and seeing a stranger peering in the window at you.  

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thinking Out Loud (2) On 6WS

Rain, finally.  We have had no appreciable rain since March.  It sprinkled a few times, we had one thunderstorm in August,  one last week (which took out two of our kitchen light bulbs),  and even the big maples in the yard were beginning to wilt.  Rain yesterday, a good solid soaker.   We need a week of this,  and then another week, just to catch up.

Last week I noticed that frogs (not toads) were living in the woodpiles,  because it's cool and damp. So I put out a huge heavy waiter's tray beside the woodpile, filled it with water, put a few sticks around it for verisimilitude, an old footstool on top for shade, and a bunch of hay and weedy things. Ten minutes, and I heard splashing.  lol.

In the late evening, when it's nearly dark, I can once again hear whippoorwills, and early early in the morning.  Far from here, maybe down near the stream at the end of the road.  But definite and distinct.  To a forest dweller, whippoorwills are the equivalent of  loons to a lake dweller.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Thinking Out Loud (1)

Gave in about two weeks ago and bought one of those pill reminder trays with the day of the week on each one.  Hate to admit it, but it works, in two ways.  I always know what day it is,  and always know if Ive taken my pills.  
None of them are life and death meds, but life is a bit easier with them than without.

Had to have new tires on the car,  all the rubber between the treads was cracked.  The garage guy said tires now are so full of recycled materials its a wonder they last as long as they do.  Six years is about average.  So recycling things into other things is noble, and I do it automatically, but when you  reuse stuff you are also factoring in impurities that shorten the life of the new product.  It's a trade, I guess.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The literary clue (most of them silly) Thursday 13

1.  The wife goes missing. The husband calls the police, and the first thing they do is ask what was she wearing.  Either he rattles off exactly what she wore ('grey slacks, wool, with a yellow silk blouse and grey wool sweater")   or they go upstairs where he flings open the fully loaded closet and says, "aha, her light green silk blouse is missing, and her dark brown cotton slacks.  I dont see her blue walking shoes anywhere, that's odd, she hated them, NEVER wore them..."

If the cops asked my husband what I was wearing I doubt if he could even remember I was clothed.  "I think she had bluejeans on, and one of those hooded thingies, maybe yellow, but it's warm, I really don't know"...

2.  The mysterious match book--definitely a clue.  The Blue Chicken Bar and Grill.

3.  A lipstick stain on a wine glass.  "That's odd, it's not her color at all. She must have had company".

4.  Advertising ashtray--track down the logo to the TaiWan Sushi Bar in Japan (never mind that the story takes place in Cleveland) and you have your killer

5.  Searching the house for clues.  (this one has me in stitches)  It assumes maids, spotless rooms, an attic so barren it only takes two hours to search, and checking every single damn book.  yep.

6. Dusting for fingerprints.  In a house that has seen innumerable parties,  sleep  over guests,  and endless visits by relatives bringing friends, and the detective will find the odd fingerprint among the welter of finger prints (assuming the maids didnt get there first and buff them away)

7.  Mysterious phone calls (in), strange unwarranted moods, behaviors, etc. well he's been terribly moody these past few weeks...

8.  The mystery pen with an advertising logo from, say, a chain of motels or an airline (but he HATED flying...)

9.  Red Herrings (1)--some writers will throw you a gentle curve, some will buffet you with red herring clues that veer off in all directions and after awhile you don't even try.

10. The hidden movie (dvd, , photographs, etc)

11.  The Mysterious Letter

12.  Unexplained jewelry in the jewelry box (hey, what's this?  I never saw this before...I wonder where she got this, it looks expensive

13.  The glance between two people that only the terribly astute and perceptive detective can interpret

Thursday Thirteen

Sunday, September 6, 2015

and a moose in the woods

Moose Walking

(where the chipmunk is I have no idea. I will assume he got out through the window until my nose tells me differently.  yeuwww)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Chipmunk in the Dining Room (6WS)

I have a chipmunk in the dining room. Yesterday afternoon I went in there for something and  heard a terrified shriek from under the small bookcase between the windows. Oh dear, I thought. We have a guest.
So I left the window up, a chipmunk sized but not cat-sized opening,  and closed the door on my way out.  He shrieked once more and was still.

This morning I went in to see how things were going and he screamed at me again.  The cat came hurrying over, surely intent on comforting his new best friend, but I put him outside the room and closed the door.  Cat food, I thought.  Little chipmunk-sized kibble.  And water. Can't have him dehydrating on me.  The kibble leads to the chair placed artfully and invitingly in front of the table that leads to the outside.

This is his last chance to figure it out. By tomorrow morning if he's still here I'm letting the cat in.  There is a limit, and I so do not want to be sharing quarters with an overfed chipmunk and all his friends...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Reprise of Morris Lessner and the FlyingBooks

I posted this once some time ago and it got taken down for some reason, but it has surfaced again and seems only fitting that I should try again. It's a lovely careful charming animation.  Enjoy.

september (Thursday 13)

13 things about September which may or may not fascinate you

1. my birthday month

2. its another of those indeterminate months--like May--that can't make up its mind

3. September begins on the same day of the week as December every year, because there are 91 days separating September and December, which is a multiple of seven (the number of days in the week).

4.No other month ends on the same day of the week as September in any year.

5.Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day
followed closely by :

6.National Chicken Month
7. National Rice Month
8. National Wild Rice Month 
9,National Potato Month

(which solves the problem of what to have for supper, eh)

10.  it's one of our busier months (not counting all the others): chimneys need cleaning, I'm stacking wood on two sides of the house short wood here on the porch-- longer wood there in the shed -- the grass will be getting its final haircut of the summer soon

11. potatoes need digging and my pitiful onions are more like fetal onions than I really had planned on. Note to self:  maybe lime, next year.

12.  time to deconstruct the garden before it gets too cold to do it. can I send anyone some lovely jonquil bulbs?

13. O joy, the tourists have gone.  At least until the leaves change color.  The beaches are now ours again, and the hiking trails.

Thursday Thirteen