Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Nefarious Fish and Game Folks

Last week I read that F/G was running a turkey count in the state, starting Jan. 1.  Cool,  I thought.  Lord  knows we have enough turkeys around here for anyone to appreciate.  So I went to the website and looked the survey stuff over.  While I was there I started wondering why F/G wanted a survey of turkeys,  since anyone with a window and four square feet of yard has probably seen dozens of them.  

Then I got it.  They want all of us to tell them how many dozens of turkeys we are seeing, when and where.  F/G is in the business of managing wildlife,  and making money for the state and controlling populations of deer, bear, moose and turkeys.  They are the ones, after all, who gave us all these turkeys in the first place, ten or so years ago,  and the success has been phenomenal.   And when they discover that oh golly we have Too Many Turkeys let's cull the herd,  it will probably be open season on them for most of the year.

I'm keeping my forty turkeys to myself.  Yessir.  They want to count them, they have to go through me first.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mr. Bear

He has wanted to help for a very long time, and he's been so good lately I decided he'd earned the right.  This is his favorite hat and tie.  The tie was from a friend who makes leather ties, and it suits him perfectly.  You can't see, but it has bite marks on it, since he likes to nibble it when he's thinking.

He was a rescue bear, from a gift shop.  He was on the top shelf of a display filled with bears and other assorted animals, and when I saw him I knew he was just what I didnt know I needed until then. 

He has his own tray table, and a large glass of bear juice every morning with his toast.  He's a bit messy about the juice, so I always serve towels too. 

Another friend made him a furry tail, since he was a Manx Bear, and had  none of his own.  He said he always felt the lack, even though he knew it wasn't his fault, and when he got his new tail he was very happy indeed.  He kept switching around very fast to try to see it,  and nearly hurt himself, so I taught him how to use the mirror.  As he said later, it wasn't the tail, so  much as the idea of it.  And of course he was right...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shortest Day Longest Night

Is today.  Now we start tunneling  upward, toward the light.

winter solstice

last evening
the sun went down
like gold poured
across the sky
this morning
it rose behind a carpet
of sullen
grey and the snow
began to fall

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Story Man

My dad was a volatile man;  in those days he was considered quick tempered.  Now we have a word for it;  bipolar.  And like most bipolars,  he had an equal measure of charm,  which he used to great effect.   He was good with kids;  they adored him, and he them.  He knew how to talk to them at some common level, instinctively including them in his conversations, so that no one got left out.  And part of that charm was his innate skills as a story teller. 
Some of the stories were the ones he told me at bedtime,  which ended up being so silly and so right that instead of calming me down would send both of us into gales of giggles.  He was often banished from the room when that happened, and I could hear my mother lecturing him about 'getting the child all stirred up'...but he was so far ahead of the child dev people it was scary.  Without a lick of training he knew to include my name (used in the third person, of course, oh what a coincidence) and that of an imaginary friend named Iggy.  Why  Iggy, I have no idea. And they were full of magic, and seekrit caves,  special levers to pull and special buttons to push to open the next room or next surprise, and I realize now they never really ended, because he had no idea how to get out of them-- they would always be continued until tomorrow night...

And some of the stories were those he told to other people;  "How I almost burned the neighborhood down" and what happened  "When we bought the billy goat".  I'm sure over the years they changed slightly with the telling, but by and large they were the same stories each time,  and I never tired of them.  He had me, as well as new listeners, on the edges of our seats,  and I finally realized after growing up what an amazing tale teller he really was.

It would have been wonderful to have a tape recorder then,  but it's hard to catch spontaneous on tape,  and he was such a  ham he would have been talking for the tape and not for his audience.  I've heard people do that, and it's almost always a disappointment.  You dont see  the face, the sparkle, the body language.  So best to remember what I remember of the good stuff and let the rest go.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

new ways to annoy a reader

Now, I understand that Marcia Muller has been around a long time, so this isnt something new in the world, as far as writing goes, only to me.  I've noticed in many of her books (someone was cleaning out a book stash and gifted me with a stack of these) she uses some very strange word constructions, based, no doubt, on the way English is Spoke, not  how it's written. 
I'd've,  should've,  words're, people're (as in "people are strange")

And now that Ive seen her doing it, I notice that other newer writers're doing it too. Wish I'd not've seen that, it's threatening to make me crazy and stop reading her stuff, which isn't half bad, even if it does get a bit complicated...

Sue Grafton annoys in another way, by her incredible use of the personal pronoun.  "I walked out my door, taking my bag and my gun with me, went down my steps to my new car, got in, turned on the key, and drove away." 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Marcel The Shell



Listen to them in order, and carefully.  Sometimes that breathy little voice gets lost.  The second one is more poignant than the first, and lingers, for some reason. 

Today is the last day of hunting season

last night:

this morning:

it would appear after a certain amount of scuffling and wing flapping last evening the 40 or so turkeys and the
14 or so deer (not all seen) have decided group feeding is best accomplished in separate groups... I'd say F&G has done themselves proud this time.  The turkeys, gods  help them all, have become a public nuisance.  Good for the turkeys.               

Friday, December 2, 2011


When I got my two latest cats, Toby and Sam, they were enrolled  in HomeAgain, a microchipping concern, and it was done by the shelter as a courtesy.  My first few emails from them suggested I should register, yadda yadda.  I never bothered, because I could see this 'free" service had dollar signs all over it.  and frankly if I lost a cat up here, they would be tracking a fisher cat to find the microchip. 

So I decided, today, to register just because I could.  They tell me my address is already in the database, 'did you forget your password".  Hmm. maybe I did register.  So I hit "send my password" and I am told my email address is not in their database.  bwahahahahaha sob sob

If my addy is not in their database how do they manage to send me emails??   Awaiting the explanation from customer service on this one.  Breathlessly.