Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Land Trust Progress

At this stage we have finalized the paperwork; the two towns involved have futzed and convened and discussed, and agreed that this will happen.  two weeks ago we went to The Signing, amid small speeches and entirely too many photos  (and no you so do not need to see those) and papers signed in what seemed to be an endless number. Not unlike closing on a house, but with a  LOT more people involved.

So. It's done.  We learn to live with the rules we insisted on, and its just a damn nice thing to have done with.  And ironically, the people who border us seem to be intent on clear cutting with great resolve. It angers me, but its also nice to know we wont be part of THAT process.  Look on the bright side, as one neighbor said, maybe in a few years the undergrowth will come back and we'll have rabbits again.  And our view of the
ridge across the way will be clearer.

this was back in September, for anyone who wants to see where we were then.


  1. Congratulations! long weary work, but what a worthwhile task. Thank you from all of us for preserving what you can of our big blue marble!

  2. Long, but a pleasant way to spend a few years, since most of the work was paperwork, getting the easement right, sometime one word at a time.

    My husband did most of that, although when I had suggestions they were often things he had already thought of.
    The most enjoyable part is getting to show it off to interested parties--one exceptional one had 25 people in it, and the sight of them winding their way through the woods, up over ridges and down into valleys, was unforgettable.
    The pleasure comes from knowing that when we go, it won't go away. I think that's key. Its always been in my husband's family, and this just lengthens the heritage. What happens after that, we will neither know nor care.