Monday, June 30, 2014

not for the faint of heart (2nd chorus)

i have been having problems with a new website,  and someone suggested installing Opera as a browser;  don't ever try this at home...

I got part way through the install process and in order to proceed it asked me if I wanted at least three tool bars, including an instaweather one, a music all the time one, and a calendar. I said no, not really.  further down the line it said you really need to install this WONDERFUL registry scan program, and proceeded to do so.  It told me I had over a 1,000 harmful errors in the registry (implying that if I didnt Do Something the entire western world would collapse into the ocean. No thank you, I  said.

Undaunted, they tried to give me the same registry scan and I stopped the install.  However I had to uninstall the basics from the Uninstall program (there were five) and then go into the registry and delete the bits they had oh so conveniently left behind. There were lots.  They even installed a shortcut button on my desktop, which I deleted.

Now, two days later, I find that like puppies around an empty food dish the Opera program is still sitting on my desktop with its tail wagging hopefully.  I clicked on the short cut button and it started barking and leaping and I dumped it. Again. 

And as a special added attraction, I find that this little number has been haunting me for a week;  even have begun  humming snatches of it (quelle horreur) when no one is looking. It needs a new home.  Im sure it will love it at yours.
Henery the Eighth

Saturday, June 21, 2014

in case any body was wondering (6WS)

im still here. still breathing.  the solar storms are raging,  there are flutterings of the magnetic poles,  someone is now trying to blame our cool summers here in New England on you-know-what  and Al Gore is beginning to sound uncomfortably like the man carrying the sandwich sign that says "repent of your sins, we are doomed".

however, its a beautiful weekend and i have been enjoying it to full advantage.  Charlie ate a baby turkeylet the other day,  much to the consternation of the baby's mother and me,  and this morning I caught him stalking three full grown hen turkeys, obviously with designs on their ediblity.

this could turn out to be a long expensive summer, lol.

Oh, and happy solstice,  everyone.  It's been a long long wait, hasn't it.

Friday, June 13, 2014


Windows7 works very well.  we just installed it about  a month ago (why rush into these things, right) and aside from a few unhappy moments it has been a  nearly intuitive process.


There is always a however, isnt there.  In this particular OS,  Word has integrated itself with all text functions.  If I  misspell  a word in Outlook, Word underlines it in wobbly red.  If I forget the apostrophe, it adds it.  If I decide to type teh for the,  it gets corrected.  I have managed to turn of the wobbly red line,  but teh and apostrophe's still get corrected, as does waht, taht, etc. Lord help us all if I have occasion to email a Mr. Taht.  Who does exist, I just checked.

Last week something arrived in my Inbox and before I had a chance to open it the Officious Email Police informed me that this was a potentially dangerous website and could be sending me potentially dangerous email.  And promptly deleted the mail.

Now and then I do like to get out on that high wire with "Potential Virus" hanging over my head like a malevolent crow,  but Microsoft no longer allows me that thrill.

and if anyone has a clue as to how to delete that damn spell check from my email, you will be my bestest friend forever.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Monday, June 9, 2014


she was very good at details; I valued her opinion on projects that would, ultimately, involve her

she was a connoisseur of gardens and catnip in particular

and where she trod, she trod carefully and lightly

Saturday, June 7, 2014

mow mulch dig mow mulch wait (6WS)

(and sometimes all that effort pays off )

                                                    Alium and Solomon's Seal                      


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday

As part of the Easement process here,  Moose Mountain Regional Greenways (our  Easement holder) will be sponsoring three or four walks/tours  a year,  wholly staffed and sponsored by them.  Saturday  we had the first.
I can only imagine what the neighbors must have thought, seeing 15+ cars in a long train (this is truly back of beyond countryside) heading up the road...several neighbors got involved too  (great if exhausting way to meet folks),  and off we went, covered in Deet and sporting an amazing assortment of walking sticks, canes, and bits of tree limbs for support.
It was surprising how many botanists, bird people, and flat out nature observant people there were.  We found lady slippers (to my surprise), lotsa skiddy wet leaves, which is the quick way to get down a steep hill, black flies, mosquitoes, ticks. I was at the tail end of things,  and to look ahead and see this conga line of enthusiastic people was both encouraging and funny at the same time.  They pondered the meaning of scratch marks on beech trees (bears was the general consensus),  of linden trees and hop hornbeam;  we admired the mountain view from the edge of our neighbor's field and probably nine gazillion pictures were taken along the way.
I am still a bit wired from it, but pleased and surprised at the turnout.