Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cuffy's Big Adventure

He's been coughing and wheezing for about two weeks now, and I suddenly realized this sounds and acts a lot like asthma AND hairballs. So off we went to the vet this morning. ( I found some puppy training sheets at the supermarket that will hold a LOT of puppy pee, so he had one of those and an old towel in the carrier with him. ) That nervous bladder can be hell on the driver and the cat as well...

The vet xrayed him, and we looked at the pictures together. He has the beginnings of pneumonia, and what the vet said appears to be asthma, and in the lower right corner of the picture was a small round dot no bigger than a bit of birdshot, and that's what it was. If he had been in a slightly different place when that hit, there wouldnt be a cuffy at all.

So he had a shot for the pneumonia, and a steroid shot for the asthma, they stuffed him back in the carrier, and now he's home sleeping off all the excitement.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jury Duty

Jury Duty. What a strange world that is. I have been hogtied to our county's judicial processes since the beginning of June, and am discovering that there is much that is solid and logical about it, and much that is open to interpretation as to good or not, a waste of time or a boon to society.

Once you are a juror you are only truly alone in the ladies' room. If you wish to go out, to travel to the cafeteria, or even just pass through the corridors, you have a bailiff alongside. Most of them are personable, amiable, and quite fixed in what they (and you) can and cannot do.

The importance of being on a jury in small cases like this was never made clearer than it was today. It was a small domestic dispute that had blown up into something much larger--second degree assault with a knife--the kind of thing police and judges take very seriously. To us, it was obvious the entire incident was just that, a minor incident, but exacerbated by witnesses who had a vested interest in it on a personal level. However, even though as jurors we could see that this was a minor scuffle that had gotten blown out of proportion, to the people involved it was very serious, and painful to deal with in such a public venue.

So we had to put our own egos aside, and our own prejudices and slants, and think about how important this was to them.

What made me feel good about it all was that when we went into deliberation, it took no more than five minutes to realize we were all in agreement, and five minutes more to figure out why. Interestingly enough, we all had different reasons as to why we thought it should be an 'innocent' verdict.

Whatever works, whatever works.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ripoff part 2

Home Gardening Club; sounds good. They send you a packet of info and a chance to test garden products, they promise to send you Fiskar Pruning Shears and a kneeling mat. Yay, you think. Then they ask if you'd like their magazine, on subscription, for 24 bucks for two years. Not a bad deal. Its glossy, it's got some interesting articles, the pictures are pretty; not a lot of depth, but I've gotten some good info out of them already.

However. Yesterday I received a positively breathless letter from them, saying that I had been selected (one of only a few aha) for a chance at Lifetime Membership. Free, by golly. Yep, that's what they said. To that end they were rebating my magazine subscription price and there was the check at the top of the letter to prove it--and here is the catch--you had to send the check back to THEM, and they would put it toward the Lifetime Membership fee.

Um. Fee? Now it turns out you 'only' have to pony up $18 a month instead of the usual $24 a month for a year, and your lifetime membership will be all paid up. Forever. If you do the math on that, a Lifetime Membership costs $288 (full price) or $216 (if you figure in the 'discount') and since the only thing you are paying for is a magazine subscription, that's 24 years of magazine and not much else. Im 62: that means that by the time I'm 86 i will be riding free with Home Gardening Club. wowzie.

I still haven't received my kneeling cushion or Fiskar Shears, either.