Thursday, November 27, 2014


this wasn't exactly how we had planned to spend Thanksgiving.  We got  a foot of snow yesterday, heavy, wet stuff that packed down as it fell,  with the shoveling consistency of wet cement.   Add to that,  the driveway was recovering from a half inch of warm rain,  meaning Mud;  So we have, basically, hot brownie with vanilla ice cream.  
Does not Plow Well.  Does not blow well.

We lost the power just after dark and spent the rest of the evening enjoying the ambience of oil lamps and the dulcet tones of an industrial strength generator in the shed,  so we could still use the computer, run water, and keep the freezer and fridge running properly.

Today I spent quality time on the kitchen roof getting reacquainted with the view up there.  While his relatives were happily sitting down to dinner 80 miles north of here I was shoveling the  roof off.  While they were swurping up deviled eggs and lemon meringue pie I was bringing in wood for the stoves  and shoveling off the porch.

The Bobcat got a serious workout today, working its way across hot brownie trying to remove the vanilla ice cream without digging  a six foot hole in the brownie.  Not a pretty sight.

All in all, a more productive day (if one must examine such things that way) than if we had gone a-visiting and stuffed ourselves full of turkey and ham and potatoes and lemon meringue pie (one must be polite, after all) if only to keep peace in the family.

I can hardly wait to see what the weather gods bring us for Christmas.


  1. Well, Happy tday anyway. We never knew what hands will be dealt us! and one thing is certain: it was a blue chip perfect reason not to go visiting..

  2. i like the way you think, lady. that was my reasoning too. 80 miles to eat turkey...I love these people, but in the middle of winter id rather stay home and keep the stoves going.
    if I want turkey that bad ill roast my own.

  3. Nope! Been there, will be there again. May we all have winter in a gentle way....I'm hoping for all of us!

  4. somehow the gentle has been taken out of winter already, lol today it was 5 above. its not even december and its 5 above...(sobbing) I can hardly wait until january when it gets REALLY cold

  5. So, I guess there is no need to ask you about the trip up north? Told you it was gonna snow. It could have been worse, they could have all came to your house....without electricity.

  6. interesting doesnt even come close. and you know, I dont think i would have minded. No trip up north, nope. last thing I wanted to do was come home to a freezer full of partially defrosted meat and partially frozen pipes...

  7. My Beloved Sandra and I drove through the opening act of your storm on our trek to the coast. Took us twice as long as usual to get to Portland. Ick. And this afternoon, on our return, drove through much of the bent & broken bough aftermath. Rte 4. What a sight.

  8. you know its funny, it must have been a far more intense storm further south. we had snow, maybe a foot, and absolutely no wind, no really cold weather. and no power. turns out people all over the southern part of the state were devastated, thousands of them still dont have power.

    interesting that forty miles south of here is what is being called the fourth biggest storms in NH glad you didnt have to drive THROUGH it, at any rate...