Sunday, February 28, 2016

Charlie and his new 5 minute friend

 At the moment he is recovering from Playtime with Charlie.  I put him out in the leaves but he seems unwilling (or perhaps unable) to scurry away.  Afraid that he might just be in shock, I brought out a temporary shelter for him.  He went in and then came back out.

He is moving around a bit.  This is the sort of critter you want to adopt;  he truly looks like some cat toys I've seen.  Charlie is firmly in the house, still hunting for his new friend, and his attitude reminds me of when I can't find something.  'I know I left it here...somewhere..."

meadow vole

didnt make it. We found him part way across the lawn,  beside the tractor, all curled up on his side.  At least he wasn't pummeled to death by a playful cat...

Friday, February 26, 2016

6WS update on the weather in pictures

two days ago it was warm, rainy, and clouds drifted across the fields, pushed by a strong south wind.  Warm air over snow, and you get fog.  The air smelled of mud and spring, and there was just enough green to make me want to agree.  ;

I don't mind if the deer get at this,  as aloe stays green all winter but dies back in spring to regrow--they do make a mess of it though

there were titmice (titmouses?) out, practicing,  and a crow or two.  that's when you realize it's been too quiet too long.

this was the one 50 deg, day we had this week, with the warmer south wind making clouds over the snow patches
 I have no idea what this  bulb thinks its doing in late February,  don't even know what it IS...
it's bleak, but I love the colors.  Funny how nature never puts a foot wrong in color choices

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

grammar (not grammer) (spell check probably won't help you here...)

1.  there, their, they're
2.  discreet  discrete
3.  definitely, definately
4. your, you're
5. hear, here, heir, hair, hare, herr
6. bear (woodland creature), bare, bear(to carry). bier, (to bear the bear on a bier) beer
7. rogue, rouge
8. tongue, tounge
9. capital, capitol
10. baited hook, bated breath
11. wether, weather, whether
12. proposition, preposition
13. principle, principal


Friday, February 19, 2016

Not for the faint of heart

Had to get up in the middle of the night, and as I climbed the stairs I was assaulted by the mother of all dead animal smells. oh. my.   This wasn't mouse sized, this wasn't even squirrel sized or even rat size--judging from the exuberance of it, I'd say maybe St. Bernard sized. Dog or Saint, no matter.  Made my eyes water.

Also made me glad I never met this apparition in the attic, or the cellar, or thundering along the kitchen counters.

There is a definable time limit on most dead-in-the-wall stuff (the kind you either live through or just close the door to that room for a day or so), usually three to five days for the little stuff and five to seven days, give or take, for the larger er, animals.  It also depends on time of year.   In the summer you can count on screaming intensity  for about three days, tops.  In the winter the aroma is less, but it lasts for twice as long.  It's really a tough choice, isn't it.

And to top off all the other winter sports, my husband found a very live rat in the cellar three days ago, scuttling around. Aha, I thought. that accounts for the rustly noises and the outright frenzied galloping overhead in the crawlspace above the  kitchen.  We put down a havahart trap, baited with cracker and peanut butter. Upside down, so who ever takes it, has to contend with the trap tripper.

Whatever is taking the cracker also licks the trip plate clean of peanut butter and walks out through the untripped trap. door.  I would think a rat would be heavy enough, and a mouse would leave crumbs.

I'm pretty sanguine about wildlife, here. Almost have to be. When we moved in the house had begun a relentless southward journey off of its old stone foundation, leaving a gap under the west wall you could see sunlight through...(I found out very quickly that snakes do not like to be disturbed whilst having an afternoon nap under the piano).

I have dealt with snakes in the attic, above the kitchen sink,  in the cellar...  spiders, ticks, bats, squirrels, frogs, toads, chipmunks, dead and half dead and very much alive vermin, raccoons in the shed attic, porcupines in the shed, the neighbor's herd of oxen (they wanted to come in, but I do draw the line on anything with horns), birds up to and including a grosbeak, hummingbirds who took wrong turns, bees, wasps, and an entire swarming colony of honey bees in the east wall.   But field rats (which are basically just a bigger version of mice out here) I do not handle well.   We all have our limits, and Ratty in the Wall is mine.

If anyone is interested in the site...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

In case you were really wondering

It is now 12:45 am, and the temps have just hit -20.  

I just wanted to share that.  =)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

closets (Thursday 13)

1. Now I can open the closet door and see what's actually there without fearing for my life
2. All the relevant stuff is finally together
3. Oh, the thrill of finding the cover that matches the jar, or the bowl I thought was gone forever
4. Oh, the thrill of dumping, with a clear conscience, stuff I haven't used yet and probably never will
5. All the shelves are scrubbed, de-moused, and the old wall paper used as shelf paper
6. Labels. Need. more. labels.
7. Now I can close the door all the way
8. The walk in closet now is a walk in closet, rather than a reach in with tongs from the doorway closet
9. If it's broken, why am I saving it
10. If I don't know what it is by now, I never will
11. Wedding presents I didn't like 48 years ago have not improved with age. Unlike us.
12. I had no idea I had acquired so many single rolls of wallpaper
13. The orange conversation piece really has to go. End of discussion

Thursday Thirteen

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Who Never Dreamt of Horses

all night long
she dreams of wild horses
running across open fields
on waking,
she wonders
if horses ever dream
of flying

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bread Day

Cold,  snowy and a stiff north wind. Good day to make bread.
These are smaller loaves, suitable for sandwiches or toast, Oatmeal
this time.  The smell is amazing. I've even converted my husband
to the stuff.  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

Follow-up to the Closet Cleaning

One closet done, one half way there, and it has managed to spread itself to the second floor and the kitchen cabinets, spring cleaning frenzy at its finest.  We knew it would.

Took a car full of stuff and I do mean full to the Salvation Army, resisted the temptation to buy the equivalent in Newer Things,  dropped off about 20 lbs of pennies at the bank (do you have any idea how hard it is to walk casually to a bank when you are listing badly to one side...), and bought groceries. Many many groceries.

I did notice a new and fairly interesting way to spell "curtains" in the Salvation Army, combining dyslexia and French, apparently:  "courtians".  This was not a typo. Every courtian in the place had this carefully hand lettered on the individual  tags, giving even the most mundane pair of gingham courtians a  slightly exotic (or is that exotique), racy air...