Saturday, February 18, 2017

Even the smallest steps are appreciated (6WS)

Day before yesterday I was shoveling off the kitchen roof after the second semi-blizzard in three days (and of course it's a two-fer  because once you get that roof clean you take the roof rake and drag down as much snow as you can from the main roof on two sides, giving you usually three times as much snow as you just cleaned off) and in the midst of all this I heard ravens, looked up, and there were two of them, heading off for the woods. Cruk, cruk, cruk.

And deeper into the woods, careful, tentative, a pileated woodpecker drumming out his first love letter to a prospective Mrs. Woodpecker.

At the edge of the field which is bordered by woods, chickadees, shouting at each other, establishing their own early territories for the spring.

At some point the sun will come out and something will start to melt.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

T13--ladies only--mostly

Ah, the memories:

1. full body girdles with stocking grippers (remember the dents?) to hold the nylons up

2. "are my seams straight?"

3. two inch heels for everything--even teachers, nurses and waitresses wore them

4. "mules" and yes they had heels too

5. lipstick came in two basic colors:  red and pink, and when you were 16 you were allowed some.

6. if you colored your hair (it was called "dyed" back then) you never told anyone

7. home perms with little pink plastic clips and curl papers

8. homes for wayward girls (and it was ALWAYS her fault, right)

9. dress-up to go Christmas shopping, to the movies, even to  the doctor

10. you wore blue jeans or slacks only at home and skirts to go out in public

11. I had a Golden Book (flip book), one side was "Just like Mommy" and the other side was "Just Like Daddy."  grrrr.

12. real glass in your eyeglasses

13. little metal perforated curlers with a hinge that usually pulled out a chunk of hair when you took them out

New Thursday 13

Sunday, February 12, 2017

It looks almost fake

It's been snowing since noon.  I must admit, albeit grudgingly, it is kinda pretty.  There are storms like this that make me feel that the snow is not rising, but the house is sinking.

The weather people are still arguing about just WHERE in NH this will become a blizzard and seem to have narrowed it down to two counties out of a possible er. however many there are.  What I am curious about is how they can explain to the storm that it's just supposed to turn into a blizzard in ONLY those two counties?   It would seem about as useful as shouting at ants that they're going the wrong way...

The mister is out there even now, making his first snow blower pass of the evening. He's a happy happy man.   Enclosed cab, am-fm radio, heat,  power.  Much power.  The only thing missing is a heated shower and maybe closed circuit tv.  He keeps telling me I should learn to use the BobCat,  but I suspect we would have to fight over who gets to use it first...

It does resemble one of those lithographs you used to see in old stories, all we need is a sleigh and several hungy wolves trailing behind, waiting for somebody to be thrown to them as a sacrifice...

Monday, February 6, 2017

one wish

We have a cat here named Toby;  he's about  7.  He came to us 5 years ago, with his bonded buddy Sammy.   After Sammy disappeared Toby made tentative friends with  our remaining cats but has always been numbingly frightened of humans, of hands raised (oh my god he's gonna throw something at me), or sudden moves.   When you entered a room, he would hurl himself out the door to escape. When he needed to go out or pass through the room you were in he would whiz through like greased lightning.

Since Charlie came, two years ago, Toby has settled down. he accepts us as tolerable, which means if we enter a room, he opens one eye to make sure we aren't carrying anything, and then more or less goes to sleep. He no longer gives us that deer-in-the-headlights stare.  Charlie has colonized the bed and that seems to have given Toby permission to do the same.  Sometimes he will actually brave the fact of Sleeping Humans to sleep there; we pretend not to notice.  Or move.

When I brush Charlie, now, Toby will show up too, not so much to be brushed, but for a very fleeting scratch between his shoulder blades.   Slowly, slowly, he's being assimilated.

But I have one wish, before one of us dies,  and that is to have him jump up into my lap, turn around a few times, and curl up for a nap. Not planning on it, you understand. Just somewhere near the top of my bucket list.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Town House crackers and maple syrup (6WS)

Reeeealllly gooood

just dip and eat. dip and eat. dip and--😊

Thursday, February 2, 2017


she thinks of the times spent
in quiet easy conversation
two people relaxing on a step
or leaning, the way country people do,
against the side of a pickup,
staring down at nothing
as they discuss everything

sometimes they were so easy
together people mistook them
for more than they were to each other

they were each other's cheering section
on the good days
and on the bad as well
she thinks of the way it felt
when they hugged hello
and then goodbye

some things need
no explanation or reason
or boundaries
and what it is
is just enough on both sides

my stone wall will never become
your white painted fence, she said
but never out loud