Monday, December 30, 2013

Too good to ignore

The first global warming party errr conference,  much touted by people who Knew Things, was in Copenhagen.  There was a blizzard that day.

When they gathered in Washington DC  snow fell on the capitol.

In Cancun there was an historic snowfall during their meetings.

There have been others.  This is their finest hour.

Most of these so-called conferences are nothing more than an excuse to visit posh hotels,  eat themselves silly, and look serious for the camera.  This time, however, even in the face of  the evidence they are surrounded by,  they are insisting that the polar ice caps are melting.  What is interesting this was a voyage to Antarctica during the summer months down there,  when the ice does indeed melt.  Even Antarctica warms a bit.  That way they could point with horror and alarm as arctic creatures suffered in the open water.  And they of course travel first cabin all the way, with enough supplies on board to sustain them for at least a week or two, no doubt.

i can hardly wait for their next conference.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

One by one the houses go (6ws)

Mother's old house burnt down yesterday.  I grew up there, and mother grew old there.

All the paper says is the fire  was apparently linked to the dryer.

The photos online show a quite different house than the one I recall,  since it has been sold twice and remodeled to the ground.  Not your daddy's chevrolet, nope.

The barn collapsed a few years back,  and the land has been split up, and now the house is gone.

I dont miss the house nearly as much as I miss the barn.

What I do miss is the fact of the house,  the ancientness of it, the history of it.

Tomorrow, perhaps,  or tonight, it will hit me.  Or maybe not at all.   There were a lot of good times there,  and I will always have the remembrance of them.  There were also a lot of difficult times,  and I try to learn by those.

They say when you sell a house,  never go back to see what's happened. I rarely did, since my travels almost never take me that way.  And when I did I understood the meaning of that sentence...

Cate, how appropriate your own six words were this week.

found this from our local paper

Sunday, December 22, 2013

slowly, slowly:

Two nights ago I called Charlie for supper. Heard a thump from the shed attic (aha, i thought, thats where he is) and the whir of cat feet charging down the stairs.  He stopped dead when he saw me.  I was Between Him and His Dish.

I sat on the door step.  He stared at me. I stared at him.  Held out one hand.  He came over, carefully, and suddenly he was under my hand, purrpurrpurr,  couldnt get enough. since then he has let me brush him,  let me pick him up (10/12 lbs id say),  and basically makes a fool of himself to get patted.  Lonely fella.

he still eyes the open door into the kitchen carefully.  maybe, maybe not yet.

I do worry a bit.  Isabel is 14,  blind and deaf, now.  I dont want her involved in power struggles.  So we will take this slowly.  maybe, maybe not.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Must Say, It's About Time (6ws)

                      out of the darkest longest night
                      at last at last, a little more light

Friday, December 20, 2013

Who's on First

Ron Lavalette reminded me of this, and its just too good to not share.  After all these years,  it's still funny.

Who's on First

sorry, something happened to the video i had posted. The link will work, though

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Musical Chairs

a week ago I got an e- mail notice about my upcoming dental appt.  January 17, wednesday.  I looked at the calendar and by golly there is no January 17 Wednesday, at least not this next year...soooo I called and she said,  oh im sorry I meant December 18 which IS a Wednesday.  Cool.

Tuesday (the 17th which is a Tuesday) I got a frantic dental receptionist on the line who said, where ARE you , did you forget?  I said no,  my appt. is for tomorrow.  She said, no no it was for today.  Could you make it by 10 today?  

It was snowing like mad, and -7 degrees.  No, I said, I'd never make it in time.  I now have an appointment for (wait for it)........... January 17.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Update on Charlie

He's back..  He's been somewhere Away for at least 3 days,  possibly sleeping under the old barn flooring,  but I had figured him for dead by now.  All the cold, the food in the dishes untouched out there.  I left the kibble.  Then yesterday, at -10 i went out to get wood and heard Charlie, meow meow meow meow squeak squeak.  Sitting in the Tunnel,  yelling his head off.  'where's my FOOD?  I go away for a couple of days,  come back,  and the food is gone and I am HUNGRY"   (typical male, right)
He went through 2 1/2 cans.  I pulled the dishes far enough forward so we were about a foot apart,  and he was just hungry enough and cold enough that he was willing to risk it, to eat.

Coulda grabbed him,  but that is a lot of cat to deal with and I really didn't look forward to a bloodbath at that stage.  I talked, he chewed.

This morning he was back, and it looks like his bed was slept in last night.   Nothing i can do about the cold,  but I can at least shelter him and feed him.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cold. Snow. Hope. Fear. Acceptance. Reward. (6WS)

I'm waiting for the Global Warming folks to explain why the Sphinx was covered in snow this week.  I'm sure it has something to do with us breathing.  Im also pretty sure there had to have been a GW conference in Cairo or  somewhere with a nice hotel out there,  to discuss GW once again. Or maybe one of the head GW people just went on vacation there.

Joe Btfsplk, perhaps.
And along with all of that we have Christmas looming, and loom it does.  Wherever I go,  I am assaulted by Rudolph and Holly Jolly as only Burl Ives could do it.  Even at PT the therapist has her boombox loaded with all the awfuls, including these two and Alvin and the Chipmunks.  She's young, she'll learn.

First is hope,  to counter fear, the kind that trickles down your back like sweat on a hot summer day. One inch at a time,  you learn to adjust.  The Solstice is Hope,  The long winter teaches  Acceptance, and Spring is the Reward for getting through the winter.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Google+ and other assorted surprises-- buyer beware

I was horrified this week to learn that I had somehow joined the happy folks at Google+, simply by clicking on a link somewhere.  Not even sure where.
soooo. I went in this morning to see if I could unsubscribe.  ahahahahaha

Sure I can.       However.   Way down at the bottom it asks if you want to remove your Google+ profile.  "read more" it says.  (drum roll here.  cue the violins)  Under "read more' is an entire page explaining what will and will not happen if you do this. And all of them seem to pertain only to +.  However, at the bottom,  there is a quiet little statement that says 'if you delete your +profile you will effectively be removing yourself from most of the services which Google provides,  including blogs, email,  etc.

Our email server rides on  the G Mail pony.  I use Chrome to access at least 2/3rds of my online stuff.   This is entrapment, and there's not much I can do except try not to touch any  of the pretty flashing buttons over there.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Things Happen, Then They Stop Happening (6WS)

Some years are like that.  Go along for years sometimes with barely a sniffle,  turn a corner, and you find the calendar has more filled spaces than empty and is now  more than just a pretty picture on the cellar door.   I've become one of those people who now says "let me check the calendar" before agreeing to ANYthing.

Nothing major,  just fiddly bits that all need attention,  in that "well, since I'm right here..." mode.
And then, with any luck,  we can relax back into calendars that  remind us what day it might be and even in some instances what month.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Self Explanatory Post

chimley chimbley chimeney
fillum (that we used to stuff in the camera to take pitchers with)
ellum tree
cemetary (I blame Stephen King for this one)
donut (ditto Dunkin Donuts)
parker (what you wear in the wintah)
and my absolute favorite  marathong

Tuesday, December 3, 2013