Friday, November 11, 2016

Leonard Cohen

His recordings traveled with me everytime I left home, until the CD in the car broke down for good.
The older he got, the darker and richer he got, with a voice like melting chocolate.

Waiting for the Miracle

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thirteen advantages of aging T 13

1. You don't HAVE to remember stuff, no one expects you to, and you get points for what you do remember, even if it's only who sang "Stayin' Alive" or  your best friend's married name.

2. Personal dress code. There is none, unless you want there to be.

3.  Your choices on foods are only limited by what your innards can tolerate, not what your hostess thinks you should be eating.

4. Your diet, your way.

5.  You can get away with almost any snarky outrageous comment as long as you twinkle and laugh a bit, or as a parting line as  you head out the door

6.  One of my favorite lines when expressing an opinion, "in twenty years Im not going to be around anyway, and even if I am, I won't much care..."

7. You are not expected to run anywhere, for any reason.  If it's that important, someone will carry/drag you.

8.  Your hair is not as important to the world as it once was.  Wear it the way--and color--you like

9.  You can, if you are the right age and temperament,  remember every word to almost every song from the 50s, and  60s and probably 70s.  And "name that tune" within three notes.

10. Your makeup, your way.  Or none at all.

11. Socks are the new slippers

12. Senior discounts. Oh, yeah.

13. Shoes don't have to match anything any longer, except maybe each other.

Thursday 13

Monday, November 7, 2016

Oh, now Im really scared

Tomorrow we vote.

It has crept up on us like that impending operation, you can't avoid any of it, even if you don't vote or hide in the closet,  it will happen anyway.

At least they anesthetize you for most operations,  and when you wake up it's over.  This sort of thing, this voting thing, has to be done cold turkey, and when you wake up it's just beginning.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

I Finally Found the Diningroom Table (6WS)

it's been my go-to worktable all spring and summer, and piled high with everything.  Yesterday, praise the saints, I found the top of it.  Now I can begin making curtains--it's also my cutting table  (well-padded, of course. Mother would die if she knew (it was her table)  ).