Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The proof is sometimes in the not taking

Been taking Vitamin D now for three or four years,  to even out that winter depression thing.  It's always seemed to work,  and  yet you do always wonder if its not just the Idea that works rather than the real deal,  humans being what they are, placebo-wise.  

Ive been slogging through March with, it seems, one foot in a snowbank and one foot in a lead shoe, at least mentally.  After five months of relentless and almost unremitting cold and snow,  there's a tendency to blame that, as overload.    But this month  it seems to have been weighing down a bit heavier.   I even considered doubling my regular dose of  D to counteract that.

Then this morning I looked at the bottle,  and it turns out I've been  inadvertently  taking half the regular dose, for about a month.  Last time I bought this stuff I just grabbed it without checking the dosage on the label..

Aha, she said. aha.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Something is wrong, here

We are losing our freedoms, one by one.  When you add them up, it gets scary. I  had intended a long list of these things,  and at the end  realized that as thinking individuals,  you are all aware of all of these, one way or another, with your own opinions as to what constitutes personal freedom(s) and how much it bothers you, affects you, or makes you yawn and turn the page.

After awhile it becomes "natural" to be scoped and groped at an airport, or realize your phone could be quietly monitored, or that somewhere on the net your surfing habits might be raising eyebrows.

And one major thought suddenly drifted by:  When you lose your right to privacy, whether its read mail or net snoops or drones or laws dictating what and when and where you can do what you do--or deny you the right to do it,  for whatever reason,  when you lose that,  you have lost everything.  Your personal freedoms are now becoming fewer and fewer.  Laws and mandates and bans are  being quietly passed that invade your car, your home, your mail.   They tell you  what you can own,  smoke, eat, or read, how to raise your kids,  and how those kids will be treated in school,  to the point of stupidity.

Give us enough pot to smoke, and we won't notice, or care.  Big Brother is alive and well.

Not only that, anyone with a smart phone can take your picture, or a video  of you--any survelillance camera can track you through a store, a hallway, a parking lot.

I'm lucky.  I have lived to hear  what the ending music of a 2,000 year old cutlure sounds like,  but too old to experience what follows, 20 or 30 years down the road.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Poem for a Chilly Saturday morning (6WS)

Tree Men

They took the tree down limb by limb
the way doctors took my old friend's leg;
one  cut and then another, and a week later
back to take more until he finally said,
"Enough, take it all",  and they did.

Yesterday I watched the power company
hack away at a tree too close to their lines, 
then cart the pieces to the brush pile
until all that was left was a naked
stub 20 feet  high. Enough, I said.
And when they left at last I went out
with a chain saw
and took the rest down,
sat beside the stump and wept.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Frustration thy name is New Operating System

Okay, it was time. I've been running on fumes with XP for about two years,  getting those sniffy little messages saying,  "your computer needs updating..."  sorta like Mom warning you that you 'd better take an umbrella when you go out.  "Ohhhh MO-therrrrr..."

So last week the mister installed Win7 and IE11. Win7 is doable, on the surface.  However,  when you start to delve and sort of force it into a personalized workable critter you realize that it has six tails, two heads,  and the horse you bought  refuses to fit the harness you have.

I am slowly readjusting what I got to what I want,  but I begin to feel like one of those old "Can This Marriage Be Saved" topics in Ladies' Home Journal.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bucket List (a work in progress) (6WS)

The possible, the doable if I could get my act together, and the not bloody likely
(and after all, aren't all of us a Work in Progress)

lose that last ten pounds

publish a book

learn to understand if not forgive (sorry Mother, still working on that one)

refuse to give in to Old (surprise me!)

see my oldest friend one more time before one of us dies

Britain, anywhere,  with no strings of return attached

connect with at least one half-sibling before all of them are gone forever

spend my final years living in a hotel (in lieu of an elder hostel)

learn to let go gracefully

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Silly season

in my internet travels i am, on occasion, invited to take a survey.  I'm a sucker for these,  and there is one site that actually rewards you over time with point$ that can be converted into $$$$...
Most of the time the questions make sense.  But now and again  someone in the Question Composing category prefers  a bit more specificity in their questions,

"how old are you (a numeric answer, whole numbers only)"  apparently there are people out there who answer with things like "thirty seven and 3/4 as of January 19th"

"gender:  male    female (please select one)"  (what if i cant decide?  what if someone wants  to choose BOTH?) and what about "other", eh?

"zip code:  please be as specific as possible"  Im still working on this one.  How does one answer a zip code question vaguely?  "ohhhh,  somewhere in the 03000s,  you know, east coast..."

And what has to be the looniest question loop of all:
1) Do you work outside the home ?  "No"
2) Do you own a business?  "No."
3) How many employees do you have?  [10, 50,  100, 1000]  "please select one answer"
4) What category does your business fall into? (select one)  and no, 'other' is not an option...

and finally on the next page, "are you a)employed b) looking for work c) retired d) a stay at home spouse"

the minute you select "stay at home spouse"  you are booted to the main gate: "thank you for your time unfortunately..." and out the door.

The best part is the next day when you are asked to take a survey and it turns out to be the one you  took the day before and you are told, firmly, that this survey is now closed...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

possibly a pantoum (experimental model)

No Moon Ever

You were wrong about the dark,  you know;
and about magic. You said there was no magic
in darkness, no sunset ever held you
in thrall, no moon inspired you to dream

about magic. you said there was no magic
only meaningless dreams.
In thrall, no moon ever inspired you to dream--
but then you never have danced under the stars

dreaming meaningless dreams
on damp grass, with dark eyes watching  you,
never have danced under the stars:
you were wrong about passion as well

you were wrong about the dark, you know,
no moon ever inspired you to dream
in darkness, no sunset ever held you.
you were wrong about passion as well

Saturday, March 8, 2014

This seems a better fit somehow (6WS)


you go out with the tide
i wait on shore
tend a low burning fire
it would not do to start a blaze
just now

when the tide turns twice
i will rise, brush the sand from my hands
and meet you at the high tide line
accept your gifts of fish and shells
as another would accept roses
and a box of chocolates

for a little while
add driftwood to the flames
as we eat the fish
arrange shells in magical patterns
of hope and safe journey

wait together for the outgoing tide

Monday, March 3, 2014, the rat in the woodpile

I signed up a few days ago,  it was a 7 day free trial subscription,  and then you could unsubscribe if you didnt want to pay for more.

By the end of the first day I was done with what I needed to be doing, and realized Id better get out of this now before I forget.

oh yeah.  Three tries later I was still subscribed,  and everytime i went in to reunsubscribe they said "welcome BACK"  and we were off and running again.  Finally yesterday I found yet another place in there to unsubscribe so i thought, aha, lets try this one.   I got my letter of confirmation,  oh boy,  and i thought i was on my way.

an hour ago I got a survey from the good folks at wanting to know how well they were doing.  I  told them.  Then I realized I was AT the site again, and went to look and sure enough Welcome BACK was all over the screen.

so I am now on the treadmill again, with unsubscribe and welcome back and confirmation letters  which i have yet to see, btw...

I would never ever recommend this place to anyone,  its confusing,  awkward to use, and impossible to get out from under.  If necessary Ill kill this card (its a  'net only" debit card) and start another.

But the good news is,  March 9 we switch the clocks back.  yay.

Postcard from Missouri

"Welcome to Missouri, a nice southern state. Woke up to this and 3 degrees this morning."

This is from Harvey,  who is still searching for his February daffodils  under his March blizzard.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's Warm, it's sunny, it's March (6WS)

The woodpile shrinks,  the days get longer, the sun is higher in the sky  We're a laconic folk, we don't get excited by much, nossah, but we do expand a bit around the first of March.   Go out on the porch,  brush the snow off the old porch glider, and sit for a bit in the sun.  Think about stuff.