Saturday, May 27, 2017

Last year, closets; this year, books (6WS)

Cleaning out, one bit at a time.
All the books I've read but will never read again
all those books I got three pages into  and put back on the shelf;
books on gardening, national parks, philosophy
and gruesome murders--as with the 48 year old
wedding stuff, if I didnt like it on the first read, time has not improved
the flavor.  I would love to do away with the Autocad 2000
manuals, the Win ME and Win 98 books, but that's not my
province, and Im sure he'd notice.
As a bonus (in a way) Im finding books I don't recall reading
and want to see if I like it enough to keep.  Im accumulating
enough books on the 'to be read' shelf to take me through
an entire year.
I'll let the Salvation Army decide what to do about Longfellow's
Collected works....


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Scary, scary

Earlier today in a fit of "let's clean house" in here I hit the  google browse button and deleted all my browsing history.  All of it. 20K citations.  What I didnt realize was that meant all of my passwords to anything and everything.

I got in a spitting contest with Blogger wherein I would enter my password and they would say, oh, I don't THINK so...and then ask me to create a new password, send me a verification letter and then tell me my passwords didn't match.

(cue sobbing in background).  After a half hour of this I started checking other sites and sure enough not a single password was working.  Some were easy, some I am still trying to figure out.  Went into Blogger Help, finally, and got an old password to work, and presented the problem there.  I don't know if it was a glitch on both our parts or not, but suddenly the password (lol whatever it is) is working and Im in.  By tomorrow, who knows.

It shouldnt matter that much, but it does. After this many years,  it becomes a part of who I am. As your blogs are a part of you.

Pardon me, I think I shall go have a lie down and then try to get the damn cat in.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Yahoo not...

It would appear that Yahoo is being swallowed by Verizon. In thinking back, it was almost inevitable this would happen, as the company  for years has been shrinking its services, shortchanging its customers, and now is basically dumping us.
I have no idea what to do.

Flick'r has 222 of my photos.  I don't store them there, no worries, but if Yahoo goes, does Flick'r?  it's become one of the more accessible places to post photos on the web.  I have (and so do a lot of other people) about a bazillion email addresses with varying names for various endeavors.  Luckily they so botched up Messenger this time I got out of the habit of it.

For now, Im going to wait and see what Verizon does to us. It may be awful, (the rending of clothes and bare flesh kind of awful) or seamless.  Somehow I don't think  'seamless' holds out much hope.

I read the TOS, and by the fourteenth paragraph my eyes glazed over, and I gave up.

I feel sorry for people who are submerged in the email package,  that can be a nightmare when you have to change your email addy--again--

If anyone has suggestions about how to transfer this blog to a new email address, please let me know. I have read everything I can find, and apparently the bottom line is, you don't get a new email addy and attach it to the blog,  you move the blog TO it.  yeah, I know. That made my eyes water too.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

we're not lean mean fighting machines anymore T13

when you have to have help reaching  your shoe laces

or getting up from a kneeling position (which is what happens when you don't HAVE help tying your shoelaces

or when you fall over in the store trying to drag yourself up from a crouch (the stuff you want is always at ankle level, ever notice that?)

when you need a step stool to reach the shelf you could reach a year ago without help

and the stool replaces the chair you can no longer use

when you go through all of this and realize you are up there in the dust and cobwebs with no idea why, except that it was important

and find yourself washing the upper shelves instead

when everything you need/want is either downstairs or upstairs but rarely where YOU are and by the time you've negotiated the stairs you've forgotten what you were going for

you catch a glimpse of yourself in the bathroom mirror as you  head for the shower--(the mirror is now much higher)

you give away two thirds of  your clothes because they have all shrunk

you impress yourself by remembering how to start the mower after a year's hiatus

the elderly bag boy wants to help you with your groceries

people find seats for you at parties and bring you food you don't like or can't eat

Thursday 13

Monday, May 15, 2017

Weather Update

Two mornings ago as I peered through the torrential rains, I noticed that the temperature outside was a hearty 33 deg.

This morning as I peered through the torrential rains I noticed that it had risen dramatically, all the way up to 36.

Mt. Washington (which is our weather god here) had a foot of snow last weekend,  and places north of here had six inches overnight.

The peepers are back, singing their little lungs out, the birds have been spotted wearing color coordinated rainwear, and the grass she grows and grows...

What I did notice, which is extremely cool, the colors across the field mimic and mirror the colors in the fall.  The red maples have new little red buds, the new birch and beech leaves are yellowish, and it looks like a pale imitation of what's to come next fall.

Liz, I think this is your nor'easter. Thank you.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

6 rainy weeks, 6 sunny days (6WS)

--out of 42 days since the beginning of April (remember that april fool's day blizzard) we have had sun in varying amounts six different times.  It was very exciting.

Not, mind you, that I'm complaiing,  at this point there is no such thing as too much rain (and I may live to regret that statement as we paddle away) and the trees are just soaking it up.  So am I.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Waiting for... (Thursday 13)

1.  the pot to boil
2.  the other shoe to drop
3.  Godot
4.  the answer
5.  the last bus
6.  the light to change
7.  inspiration
8,  pay day
9.  retirement
10, the lights to come back on
11. Xmas morning
12. the guests to arrive
13. the guests to go home

Thursday 13

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

three little words--

that never solve anything but somehow absolve the user of  any extra effort:




I call them weasel words.  "I should really wash that floor, but...
                                           "I could call, but what's the point?"
                                           "We would, if we could find a baby sitter, but..."

And all of them include 'but' in the job description.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Scams 'R' US

Over the past five years I have received phone calls from both the state fire fighters and state police departments (apparently) requesting donations to 'help".  When I hesitate, they get pushy. One guy actually hung up on me. aha, I thought.

The calls often begin with a folksy warm voice, thanking me for all my help in the past (excuse me), and wanting to know what I might be willing to donate this year.  Sometimes they just drop the phone and leave me listening to dead air when I say no.

This afternoon I got one from the  Policemen's Benevolent Association wanting to know how much I was planning on donating to their fund to help out the families of officers killed in the line of duty.


Been thinking about that, so I did a search online. There has not been but one officer killed in the line of duty in this state in over five years.

 Then I went into this site:
sure enough, the first thing listed was "officers killed in the line of duty" and aggressive behavior on the part of the caller.

If you're not comfortable turning someone down like that,  tell them you give locally, you're on a fixed income, and if they give you crap, THEN you hang up before they do.

I can never get warm enough (6WS)

There comes a point in every year where the body no longer cheerfully accepts 68 or 65 as tolerable (as in, "Just put some socks on and a sweater, you'll be fine") and no matter how close you stand to the stove or how you inch the thermostat up to 70 or 72, sit in the sun or lean against a radiator,  you can never quite get warm enough.

What was tolerable from November to April is now totally inadequate.

I think of it as the equivalent of  muscle fatigue, and the muscles you've been using for so long to lift stuff suddenly rebel and go on break.  This appears to be what happens in the spring, to your own personal thermostat.

Enough, already, the body says,  let's give us some warmth, here.  No, not that sissy stuff, I'm talkin' 80s, serious heat.  Sun, sunburn, sweat.  We ready.   Me too.