Thursday, April 26, 2018

What we've lost (T13)

1. typewriters/ribbons/ink
2. SLR cameras/film
3. spelling
4. encyclopedias
5. letters
6. slide rules/calculators
7. free tv
8. door to door salesmen
9. dial phones
10. mail order catalogues
11. bookstores
12. vinyl records
13. polaroid cameras

does anyone else notice the connecting link between most  of these?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Small Things

The sun has been out for three whole days.  So have we, racing the predicted rain, cutting cordwood, picking up what needs to be gotten undercover...and just enjoying the sun, the need to shed that coat, those gloves, that extra layer of whatever.  Oh, yeah. Sweat.  😅

On a much smaller note, all the aching, dreadful inactivity of this past winter had begun to take it's toll.  The first time in six months that I was able (or even wanted)  to walk across the yard without snowshoes or winter clothes, I was stunned to see how quickly old lady muscles lose their tone.  But the little voice inside kept saying, patiently,  'muscle memory, muscle memory' and by yesterday I was almost up to speed, at least moving, if not lifting, which is a big part of what we do around here, daily.   But that will come too.

The jonquils are up, and the flowers  are nearly ready to open.  And in the yard, there are patches of green here and there and vigorous bird song at the edge of the woods. I  thought about the lawn mower, briefly,  but held my breath and the thought went away.   Not yet.

I've been away, mentally, I guess.  Not a lot to write about, not a lot going on.  Most of the winter has been spent in a kind of mental/dysfunctional swirl,  and I've been reading voraciously.  I went through 38 of the DiscWorld books in three  months. Finally got to read the last two, Snuff and Raising Steam  which are each a tour de force, difficult, funny, powerfully moving.  Now Im working my way through Anne Perry, the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series, which appeals to me less than the Inspector Monk books,  but are still worth the effort.

And one small small thing that probably only another cat person will appreciate:  for the first time in probably 8 years, yesterday my little tiger cat Toby walked past me (walked, not galloped) and as he passed my chair, his tail went up in greeting.  He has always been afraid of humans, and up until this year would rapidly leave any room we entered.  I ache to think what his life was like before coming here...but he is slowly, slowly, coming to accept us as basically harmless (and damn fine door openers), and yesterday there was that little salute with the tail.  We gettin' there.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Annnd today we dressed for the frozen north and an unheated barn, to learn about grafting scions (the part you will, with luck, get apples from some day) to root stock (the tiny wildly rooted bit of apple branch).   I didn't take any photos because it was cold, cold, and a shaking camera just doesn't cut it...

We each got to prepare the root stock and mate it with the scion, and  taped it nice and snug.  The two future wonderful trees are now sitting in our cellar, waiting for summer.

This is an excellent article for anyone interested:

Sunday, April 8, 2018


fifty years ago, more or less, we  had 'our own" marches; against poverty, racial inequality, the War,  almost anything.  The time was ready for it, and young people marched.

I've been looking at the videos and long shots of the marches over the past year,  hundreds of thousands of people, marching steadily,  firmly.

A year or so ago I said to my husband, we haven't seen a decent protest march since the 60s or 70s.  It's time.  There's been enough stupid behavior over the past few years, and these kids, these young people, are doing the only thing they know how to do.    It's impressive, and moving.   But two differences here: most of these kids are just that, kids. Thoughtful, angry, kids.  And so far there has been no violence between protesters and police. 

The last time there were sit ins, violent non-violent behavior, and the police, sadly, reacted with billy clubs and fists and even shot a few.  They had never seen that  kind of protest, and I think it scared them.  I'm wondering if maybe many of these cops remembered their own parents or even grandparents marching,  and why.  And have been trained in the art of "powder-keg avoidance"...

The times, indeed, are  a-changin'.  They always do.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April Showers...yeah, right

Since March 30 we have had two hearty 'snow showers", drenching rain, temps in the 20-30 degree range most nights,  last night I went to bed to the sound of snow hitting the windows, woke to torrential rain around 5 AM and a healthy thunderstorm going on, and now there's fog you could cut and stack for building blocks.
The snow on the kitchen roof (northside, where the sun never shines) had been reduced to a few frozen inches, now it's a full roof's worth of snow and ice and fog.

The twittering of arriving orioles, bluebirds and robins is now a muted ?.

Where the snow isn't, there's  mud, frozen or otherwise.

I love April. I really really do.  It seems to encompass all the other months worst days into one large package.