Friday, June 24, 2011

the MOM-ing of America

I have learned to hate the word 'mom'.  Period.

Oh, wait. Is this a Sarah Palin word?  In the same way that Al Gore gifted  us with 'global warming',  did by some stroke of luck Sarah turn all our mothers into Moms?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Progress is progressing, albeit slowly

Finally got my 6 Roma paste tomato plants in, yesterday.  Between the rain and the ticks (shudder) and the rain and all the other 'hafta' things that needed doing, the tomatoes just had to wait.  I think theyll be okay, September babies instead of August.  Something tells me I am about to have a LOT of tomato paste.

We also have the shed half full of wood,  all of it either cut ourselves, or was left from last winter.  any day now I shall rush over to the phone and ask our wood guy if he will deliver us six more cords.  Yep.  Some part of me feels like this five cords of wood we have will (of COURSE) last us all through the winter. Luckily it's a very small part, easily shouted down by the older, wiser, chillier parts.

And the new cats are still 'the new cats' simply because they are.  They are assimilated with the other two, but not with us.  Whoever damaged them to get them to this point should be treated as badly for a few months, see how they like it.  Ive had cats like this before,  and it can sometimes take years for them to really
settle in.  But it's okay.  We gots a big house, and they have new friends, and that's what I was after, after all.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

kicking and screaming

slowly, being dragged toward the electronic edge of the latest century.

I am now the owner of earbuds, and a matchbook sized music player.  I ve been collecting 'tickets' from BestBuy when I turn in  monitors for recycling, and finally had enough to get one of these things.  Im still coming to terms with it, much the way you might come to terms with your kid's pet condor; slowly, no sudden movements...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

solstice come, solstice go

all year I slowly row
toward the longest day
and then how sadly
row back the other way

Monday, June 20, 2011

how I love the language

on a spray can of spot remover: "Permanently removes stains".   The implication, of course, is that some stains will just creep back when you're not looking, unless you use this product. Forever.

on two different strengths of pain reliever, same brand:  "Maximum dosage:  Do not take more than two in a 24 hour period..."

simplifying things is complicated

We have one of those older beds where the frame is for a 3/4 mattress and we are full mattress sized people.   Consequently the box spring and mattress have been resting on the siderails. I got sick of climbing up into a bed three feet off the floor (not to mention possibly falling out of it at some point),  and suggested that we just ditch the box spring and turn the whole thing into a platform bed.

What I didnt realize was that the platform part that would let the mattress rest on the side rails would need enough support to turn it into a 100 pound monster.  But the bed is now at a normal height, we are both pleased with it, and our old cat no longer has to claw his way up the side of the bed to find us at 4 AM.

However, we are now looking at a box spring with enough spring tension to take out a small army if it was released...

Friday, June 10, 2011

On paper, it sounds wonderful...

Our electric company is installing new digital "smart meters", which collect and send the signals back to the main office electronically.  Sounds fairly slick, and since we don't have a lot of say in it, I'm fully prepared to love them.  However. In reading over the literature that they sent out this month (installation of the meters, town by town, has begun) it seems that the signals do not go whizzing  back to the main office directly, but are sent along a chain, meter to meter, and every so often one of THEM is used as the delivery wagon.  Which means that anywhere along the chain, if one of these new meters develops a problem, or gets chopped up by an irate owner, or is hit by lightning,  the whole chain ends, right there. 

The only bright point is that no one will be able to do the old "penny under the contact" trick to lower their own bill, as one of our neighbors used to do.  I take comfort in that one, at least. *g*