Thursday, November 13, 2014

Google scary

Yesterday I had to clear the cache and cookies (for various reasons) and in the process must have upset Google.  This morning when I went in they told me quite firmly that I was not me, and I had better do something about it.
(This is when your blood pressure begins to inch above the danger mark)

I looked up the password and was told, nahh, you changed that four months ago.
No I didnt.
So I tried another.
It has become almost impossible to find help at Google now, because, haha, if you're not signed in
you can't, and if your password isnt working anymore, you can't get help to find out what your password might be.
I finally found a teeny button that said "help" and I started rowing toward that.  Finally got my old password changed (no no they say, you already used all those,  find another.)  and then I had to give them an altenate address. None of which are acceptible because, golly, they are already being used by google. "YES THEY ARE,  one of them is being used by my old blogger account and it worked just fine yesterday..."

so several tantrums later I have a new account addy, no verification second addy (since they are all locked up as google account addresses in the seekrit vault), no thank you, I cannot give you the number of the cell phone I don't own, and I pushed the magic button and here I am.

If for some reason I don't appear after a reasonable length of time it's because I can no longer access Google, yahoo, or the blog  and this blog will join the ranks of the thousands of blogs out there that were just fine until that last post and then WentAway.


  1. Arghghghgh, at least you're here today. I have an idea: tell them you're from the NSA, and they'll tell you absolutely anything! better still, get a job there, and you can access all of us.....bwahahahaah

  2. it's going to be an interesting time, ill tell ya. Our email package used to run on Google and now it almost doesnt so Google has withdrawn itself from such things. However when I show up to get into chrome or google it gets huffy and wants to know (upstart that I am) what Im DOING here. I mean really...
    and we have to do the password all over again.
    Word Press is looking better and better (ducking)