Sunday, March 28, 2010

Balance on the edge of a knife

For a year I have been taking Prevacid, which is heavy duty Reflux medication, in an attempt to heal a lesion on my esophagus (known as Barrett's Esophagus). Apparently it worked, the doctor said to see him in three years.

What I found out directly, by looking this stuff up on the net, is that if you take it for over a month you are at risk for osteoporosis. it you take it for longer than a year and don't have osteo, you will probably get it, because this thing is a proton pump inhibitor, and inhibits calcium from entering the body. sigh.

So you take twice as much calcium and hope. I already have osteo, so this year has been one of Being Careful and keeping my fingers crossed.

I have since stopped the Prevacid, partly because of that, but partly because I was on a diet for a year, a careful, serious diet, and gained four pounds. Aha, I thought. Maybe it's the Prevacid, mucking about with my metabolism. In the two months since I stopped taking it, on the same diet, I have lost seven pounds. Aha, I thought. Lookit that. And of course the weight gain distorts the esophagus and makes the Reflux worse.

It has been a year of trying to balance two very different problems, each of which counters the other, since calcium needs stomach acid to work properly, and prevacid does it's very best to reduce the same acid to do its job properly. The people I feel sorry for in all of this are the women who took this stuff when it was being tested, some of them in their forties and fifties at the time, and suddenly found themselves looking at the rest of their lives with osteoporosis in it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Equinox, Vern

Three days ago we put out three new bluebird houses to replace the very old, dilapidated ones that had been in use for over twenty years. The next day the bluebirds arrived, and one of the males spent the entire day going from house to house, possibly looking for 'his' house...

Today we put up the other two, in new spots, so they may or may not get used this year, but they're up and ready for business.

Unseasonably warm for mid-March, not that I'm complaining, no no no, but 60-70 is warm even for April. I'm sort of waiting for the snow-laden axe to fall, spend enough years in northern new england and you get that way. Nothing is permanent, predictable, or a sure thing, when it comes to weather.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Addictions 'r' Us

addiction is a strange event. It's often hard to face, harder to admit out loud, and even harder to quit. In thinking about it, it seems that most of it is in the mind. You hear the click of a lighter, you want that cigarette. Or the light turns red, and you always, always, reach for the pack. Action, reaction.
I don't know what sets off a drug user, but Im sure its as much a sound, a smell, an image of Something Happening, as it is a physical craving.

I just quit an online game Ive been playing for maybe six months, one of those 'runs in the background' things, which are lethal, since its always going whether you're there or not, so of course you have to check in for a few hours to see to your money, your troops, your armies...they become love/hate objects, and you find yourself enjoying less and less of it.

There are only two ways to quit, one is get truly angry with the entire process, and storm out get mad and stay mad, the other is to hand the game over to a friend and say, it's yours. I'm done.

The hardest addictions to overcome are those that are socially acceptable by either society or the group you hang out with. Smoking became a lot easier to let go of when it became less approved anywhere.

And in a way isnt falling in love it's own kind of addiction, as well?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Staggering Into The Wilderness

He left this morning, laden with enough gear to supply a trip to the summit of Everest. Snowshoes, crampons, a camera with case slung around his neck, 20lbs of toys and goodies in his backpack, the coat, the gloves, the gps and cellphone, a tripod and telephoto lens in special case, special snow walking sticks...

He's a happy happy man. Go forth, my dear, and conquer something.

Friday, March 5, 2010

You'd think I'd know better

I am thinking about downloading the latest version of Yahoo Instant Messenger, since mine is V.6 and the latest one is V.10. Might be time. However, I wanted to be sure I could still connect to Yahoo Games with it.
Stupidly I went into a forum there and asked that simple, simple question. Yes or no answer. One little dolly told me I might be underage and would need parental permission, or maybe I was not the administrator of this computer, and I thought, don't they even read the question?

Doesnt anyone these days read for content? No one seems able to answer a simple one braincell question with a simple one braincell answer. Nod once for yes, twice for no.