Thursday, October 25, 2018

We Get Too Many Political Calls Anyway


in thinking it over
I have decided
that a republican voting democratic
is far more interesting
than changing my affiliation
especially in a republican
straight ticket ('by jesus, my dad
voted straight republican
all his life, and it never hurt him none")
state where everyone assumes
you vote not only the party
of choice, but you vote the way
your spouse does, just because.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Author author

Still trudging through the land of once-read books, I've probably taken 15 cartons to the Salvation Army this year alone.  Im finishing off P.D.James (if she doesn't finish me off first), and it's obvious I hadn't read all the books of hers I had, and many of them apparently were snatched up at book sales but never gotten into. 

In reading and sometimes rereading older or former mystery authors, I am often struck by the progression they make from first book to last.  By the time I finished off Sue Grafton (and it was a pleasant  eye opener, reading her books in order all at once), I realized that she had populated her last book with entirely too many characters and I was simply awash in them.  But she stays.  However...

In her later books, PD James is doing the same thing.  She's got sub plots and main plots and two or three families, way more dead bodies than most serial killers ever thought of,  and has also committed the major writer's crime of introducing a new wrinkle near the end,  and without that the whole business  would collapse.   I am going to miss Adam Dalgleish,  however.  =(

security on the hoof

When I go into my local bank, the teller looks at me, smiles, and says, you don't need your passbook number, I've seen you in here before...and gets me the money I ask for.   Not sure that's comforting or scary.

However, when I go into a (free)game site online I am confronted with enough cyber locks and red flags to make me give up in despair.  I tried to access an older site this morning, forgetting that my old email address which was on the screen  is not my current one, and when I mindlessly  typed in the password,  you could almost see the security guards snap to attention.

Oh dear. Intruder Intruder.

I had to explain that it had been a few years, and this was  my new email addy, and they responded generously by saying they would have to have their security team review it.  Safety, you know.

I think I've seen the last of that gamesite.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Time Traveler

Not so much forward or backwards, more...sideways...

If I had those days back that I miss every single damn week by now I'd proably have enough to bundle together and make an extra month. 

I really thought this was Wednesday, until I saw a Thursday 13 post and thought, oh. Right.
I lost last Saturday too, (probably out somewhere cavorting with the previous week's Tuesday), which basically threw this week into a sieve as far as continuity goes, and when my husband said, wow this week is almost over I thought, he's really rushing it--oh wait--

Now I understand why my mother, in her last year at home kept a methodical calendar on the wall with each day of the month carefully filled in with red crosses.  I asked her why, and she said, "that way I don't have to worry which day it is..."  I suddenly understand exactly why, now.  

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Just a thought, and a scary one

Unless something majorly intelligent happens, there is a good chance that our president will decide that we don't really need a two party system, and abolish it. or at least try to.

He is slowly and steadily stacking the decks all over the place, and while Im not sure if he CAN abolish the system, he just might think he can. And of course, if he thinks he can, well, by gosh and by golly, someone with more brains than he knows how to use will figure out  how to do it for him.

I've been a (relutctant) (lazy) Republican all my life, and cannot recall the last time I voted anything but Democratic. Methinks it's about time to get out from under.