Saturday, December 23, 2017

Window Casings, Curtain Rods, Curtains Too (6WS)

Somehow making curtains
has segued into, "honey can I borrow
your drill bits?", fiinding the ladder
and the tape and the hammer and the
screws and screwdriver to
construct a temporary window casing
which will magically be hidden
by the curtain I haven't finished yet
and I am more pleased with that
than anything I can think of
since it also involves repurposing
an old bureau drawer that no longer
has a bureau...and I will finally
be able to get rid of an ugly
pot rack which I never liked anyway.

Six Word Saturday

And Merry Whatever, y'all.  🙌🎄


  1. I used to make all my own curtains when we had a house. Downsized now, I no longer need curtains but miss choosing fabrics.

    1. I was planning on buying some, when this all started, but then I kept opening bureau drawers and finding curtains, fabric, lining material, sheers, and it seemed foolish to spend X dollars per window when I could do it nearly for free.

      And yeah, I hear you, it's a marvelous design process, isn't it, from what fabric to what style and beyond. I have twenty seven windows in here, and they all need doing. =)

      When my mother in law moved into her apartment she was like a kid in a candy store--all those windows, all those yard sales, and for five years I think she changed or made new curtains at least twice a year...

  2. Lol, it becomes an endless stream, moving from one thing to another--it does eat up the days, however; I looked up this morning and realized that Christmas is two days away and thank GOD I don't have to cook, just visit and eat.

  3. Merry thingummy right back at you :) :) And good health for 2018.

  4. I might vacuum, in the morning. My Beloved Sandra said she will have to run out to pick up, um, something. I'll tell her Santa did it.

  5. That would be a lovely surprise for her, I'm sure.
    Now if you could get Santa to have a chat with my husband and show him how to turn on the vacuum...

  6. How nice that you are enjoying this project. I used to love doing things like that but no longer have the imagination and stamina to do them. Good for you and I am sure it will turn out well.

    1. I'm suprised I've managed to keep it going this long. One thing that helps is having more than one project in the pot, as it were.

      I have a lifelong problem with making transitions, and when I just can't bring myself to work on project A or hem project B, or whatever, I have the option to work on something different for a change, and keep things up in the air that way.

      I think part of it, too, is just repurposing all that fabric, those older curtains, and making it work.

      It also makes the rooms a bit warmer and if that's not incentive I don't know what would be.