Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sometimes the right hand thinks it's a left foot

Our electric company (who outdoes itself in customer service) has come up with the kind of program that sounds, at first read, like a good idea. 

Then you read it again and realize that maybe....not...

They are now in the process of implementing a program that will enable them to contact you in email or text when you have a power outage. So you are aware that you HAVE a power outage.

I can just see someone firing up the computer after the lights come back on, to find a message from the power company, informing you that there's a known outage in your area and it should be restored in about three  hours.  "Aha" you say, "that explains why the lights wouldn't work" 


  1. My thought is that It is a way to get your phone and e-mail info.

  2. If you have a smart phone. If we lose the power now, even the landline is worthless, since it's on fiber optic along with the TV we don't use and the computer that we do.
    Without a smart phone (we have a cell phone and a smart phone that I have managed to get my hands on about three times in two months) there is no way for anyone to get any text messages or mail, and unless you have a generator no way to turn on the computer for email.

    It's a pretty good bet that when the lights go out in the middle of a howling blizzard, you KNOW something has happened. =)

    It's an excellent idea, but only if you're on the same page as they are. So to speak.

  3. I signed up a while back with the police department, to receive text emergency messages, and after a blizzard of messages about lost dogs thirty miles away,minor collisions in the next town etc, they had evidently put a youngster on the texting desk, I cancelled all of them. And told then that when they figured out what an emergency is, I might be back.

    I have a low level cell phone which never fails. During Sandy, which broke overhead of us, massive damage, my son with a similar phone, and I, were busy passing on info for neighbors whose smartphones had no signal.

    1. It's all relative, isn't it. Something tells me true emergencies announce themselves pretty clearly

      This is what I get for posting snark: last night we lost the power for about three hours, and the only way we could check to make sure that yep, we did lose the power was to actually call on the cell phone so they could tell us about it.

      It's funny, because I had just filled some plastic pails with water, to keep in case we did lose the power and 20 minutes later, there we were, fiendishly hunting for oil lamps and matches. =)

  4. Outage of unknown origin last night lasted about 4 hours. God bless the battery.

    1. Ours was from a big tree one road over, just came down in the wind and took, apparently, a great many power lines with it. It's ironic, because the power company had the lines cleared this year, cutting down anything along the way that could affect them. Seems to have worked, we've lost the power twice so far.

      We have a generator, but opted to just sit it out, since they said it would be just a few hours. Makes me appreciate what people went through before they got power in this area, in the early 50s.
      All those oil lamps, candles, all the water heated on the stove in a big tub...I've done it, but I'd not want to do it again, nope.

      we've gone soft, that's what it is, we've gotten spoiled. tch.

  5. Ah, the power company. My guess is they aren't looking to improve customer service as much as they are wanting to add yet another layer of distance between the consumer and them having to provide an explanation and reasonable estimate to power restoration. To be fair, during an outage, *everyone* will call because they're sure no-one else will have noticed the problem.
    That said, no-one's accountable to the public anymore. [sigh] I remember the simpler times.