Saturday, December 30, 2017

Z is for Zero...or Zoo...or Zenana

but we'll never know, now.

Sue Grafton died this week, and while I never knew her, I followed her novels, letter by letter, from the first, "A is for Alibi" all the way down the alphabet to "Y".   And I shall miss her and Kinsey Milhone, her main character in 25 novels.  That, in itself, is no mean feat.


  1. I don't know how I missed Grafton's work. I'm a fan of Christie and other authors of that genre. I went looking for a free copy of her work and there isn't any to be had. It's all still in demand. I guess I'm going to have to make the pilgrimage to the library to get a sample.

  2. She's funny, sassy, careful, and it's always a good read. She's definitely in demand. One way I judge how enduring an author is, is by how many copies of their work I find in the Salvation Armny store.
    Lot of Dan Brown, lot of Stephanie Meyer, lots of rip and read stuff--the Patricia Cornwell blood and splattered brains genre--never Terry Pratchett, now and then Harry Potter, and once in a great while Sue Grafton and I suspect only because someone has a duplicate and really, how many copies do you need?

    I'd suggest starting with her first one, "A is for Alibi". I think it's close to her best.

  3. i grew up reading mysteries, and i was over the moon when i discovered her work. i got about halfway through the alphabet before grad school stepped in, and 'reading for fun' became a thing of the past. it was always my intent to get back to that series. this seems a good time to start.

    1. She's fun, isn't she. I had hopes she'd make it to Z, but it's still a pretty impressive output.
      I finally located "X" a few weeks ago, and was marginally disappointed in it; too many characters, too many plot lines, and I just lost my way about halfway through but finished it anyway... It reminded me of the way Elizabeth George would overplot, and I finally gave up on her entirely.

      But she's always a good read. And, yeah, a good time to get back to them. (I think Henry is my favorite second banana character, hands down.)