Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Vacuum Wars

My not-very-old Kenmore Vacuum quit yesterday in mid-vacuum so that the motor in the machine died but not the motor in the floor brush.  I could still vacuum, but it just picked the stuff up and tossed it into the air, like confetti. Wheee

Problem #1:  Kenmore is Sears. Sears is no longer.

aha, I thought, I have my MIL's not-very-used Eureka (which she refused to pronounce, because it was foreign, and called it an Areka) and one remaining bag.

Problem #2:  you can order the bags online, from the store, and pick them up the next day, but it appears that they are no longer 3.98 per three pack, but 8 dollars each.

The instructions on the bag gently suggest that it  "should be changed every month or so".  Excuse me.  I have two cats, an old dust-bunny of a house,  and burn wood.  Maybe one ROOM each time...

My husband, however, is a math person,  meaning he likes his problems solved.  He spent considerable computer time hunting down bags for this, and suddenly said, "hey...Amazon sells a cloth bag for that thing."   (a silent cheer went up).   By next week I will be the proud owner of a for real cloth bag that will probably fit.   And my excuses (Oh, damn I just ran out of bags again) have evaporated.

(insert snoopy dance of joy of your choice here)



  1. Sears has not completely gone but the nails on their coffin are almost all in. I have Kenmore appliances and they are all old. Hopefully, I will be able to buy parts when they are needed.

    1. My washer, refrigerator, and freezer all came from Sears, as did the vacuum. It was, frankly, a hunk o' junk. Last year one of the wheels on the floor brush cracked, and I gave up on the hepa crap ages ago. Gotta love cloth bags.

      At least with this bag in place on another vacuum I can string out the search until next spring, without having to deal with sub zero temps and icy roads.

      Does seem a shame that we lose KMart AND Sears AND Toy R Us all basically in one big bite. Amazon's gonna own us all, one appliance at a time.