Thursday, March 10, 2016

What does one DO with this stuff?

Having just spent nearly two months cleaning out, clearing out, and just plain dumping,  it suddenly occurs to me that one of the hardest categories to deal with is Things Someone Else Saved;   most notably,  the Inanimate Object Category, which includes Petrified wood,  Old Interesting Bones/Skulls,  Unusual Rocks, and SeaShells.
Right now Im looking at a rock that weighs close to 20 lbs, has a lot of smaller rocks embedded in what might or might not be cement, lava, or other rock.  There is also an equally heavy and almost totally round rock that now and then escapes its moorings and rumbles across the floor. Don't ask.  
It's granite, and obviously someone found it in a stream bed at one point, but frankly I wish they had left it there.  It's just borderline interesting enough to keep off the stone wall, but not interesting enough to show to visitors.  I just keep my feet away from it.   As a door stop, it's obviously worthless. 

A few of the others I have carefully /quietly placed back on the stone wall.   Im still not sure what to do about the sea shells. Most of them someone gave or sent to my husband's grandmother, since they are all Florida shells.  When we first moved up here one of the first things she did was bring me her 'favorite' conch shell, as a  house warming gift.   It always sat, she said, on the sideboard in the dining room, it was one of  her favorite shells, and a  friend who lived in Florida brought it up for her...

Some of these shells are huge, true conch shells, but once the novelty of  the dinner plate sized shell wears off, there's not a lot you can do with it.  In a way it's like finding antlers in the attic, reminders of Uncle Eddy's prowess with a gun.  sigh.

ahhhh I may have it.  Garden houses for gnomes, toads, and snakes. 


  1. Return it to the ocean?

  2. now there's a thought. Id have to do it under cover of morning, though, or be arrested for littering/polluting/vandalism.
    Oh, the image.

    I have about a half dozen of the large ones, and about five pounds of smaller shells, which probably would do my garden a world of good as calcium...

    However, I could just leave one artfully half buried by the incoming tide, and let someone discover it. Found treasures, all the way, golly, from Florida. that musta been some tide...

    Im actually considering it now. 60 mile round trip to give a conch shell it's freedom, yep.