Saturday, March 5, 2016

Oh the joy of spring approacheth...(6WS)

1. ticks  (but the days are longer now)

2. blackflies  (and warmer, much warmer)

3. ticks AND blackflies (warmer, longer days, cling to that)

4. killing frosts just after you've planted everything (but you still have time...its only July...)

5. finding what's left of your favorite lopping shears buried in the compost bin (I wondered where they went...)

6. finding what's left of your favorite garden gloves when you mow over them (but isnt the grass a lovely shade of green...)


  1. To quote an old radio comedian: it's being so cheerful as keeps you going!

  2. good grief- where do you live? Enjoy your day!

  3. Oh, poor gloves! Cut down in their prime :) Happy Saturday, Judy!

  4. We lives in New Hampshire, Kathe, and spring is often a surprise, sometimes hanging around until mid June--sometimes it never really gets rolling at all, and we just lurch into summer all at once. =)

    I know, Jo, it's ugly what happens to a glove once the lawn mower gets hold of it. They always get a decent burial, however. Full honors.