Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Looseleaf Notes, colleen, if you're out there...

It would seem that your blog has been taken over by
someone selling tea.  Im assuming this is not your doing,
and you have been visited by the Redirect Monster...
No matter where or how  I click, it comes up tea...


  1. Thanks for noticing! My server didn't get my yearly domain fee right, but it is back up now! I was sick because the blog is such an extension of myself. Try it again and hit refresh.

  2. I was sick too. It's terrible to think that someone could take over so totally in about ten seconds without so much of a "coming through, lady..." I even commented in the Google help section, but the only help they gave me was to have you post in the help aection. sigh.
    and this guy is head advice giver.

    I just checked your site and Im still seeing the tea people. No colleen in sight, although I did get today's 13 in email.

    you might want to let Google know, if anyone else says they're still having trouble. er. Where do I hit 'refresh'?

  3. yay youre back. Just checked and there is your Thursday 13 post...whew.

  4. This T13 gives one much to think about.....I loved what you said about Bernie Sanders, and it is so true! He does look like he is conducting. This whole Election thing is just so damn depressing. Bernie is the only Voice that speaks for me and speaks TO me, too! OY VEY! Is the world coming to an end???? It sure feels like it is.....!

    Hope you had fun dancing, my dear!
    And that is such a sweet photo of your Grandson....!