Saturday, March 19, 2016

Something is tugging at my sleeve (6WS)

1)  I now have one of those annoying little pill box strips that not only reminds you to take your pills but also tells you what day it is,  instead of staring at a blank calendar and realizing that in order to know what day it IS, you have to know what day it WAS...

2)  it took me three tries yesterday to figure out how to spell cupboard.  Two tries to get deciet deceit  right.

3)  I can still add, multiply and subtract,  but division is beginning to elude me;  this is not good.  I was never in the top forty when it came to math,  but at least I could handle division.

4)  My handwriting is now illegible enough to confuse even me. I would like to blame the computer for that, and do so frequently, but still...

5)  Last year my closest friend (who is 94 this year) called to tell me she had written me a real letter, and when it came I decided the least I could do was respond in kind.  After I found the paper, an envelope, and a pen.  It covered a full sheet and half the back side, and by the time I was done, a half hour later,  I was exhausted.

6)  I have mastered the 15 minute Chair/Book Nap and the instant Asleep at the Keyboard Nap which hints at  the  terrifying  possiblity of Supper Naps in the future...


  1. Re #6: !5 minute naps are my specialty.
    In the long run, we're ALL headed for the Super Map, no?

    On the bright side:
    Negative for monoclonal immunoglobulins.

  2. yes we are
    and definitely good news about the monoclonal immunoglobulins and anyone who can say that three times fast gets my vote for everything

  3. Or even know what they are! I began to perfect the brief nap while holding a wineglass, but have managed to overcome that one after a couple of colorful mishaps.

  4. I've thus far managed to keep my colorful naps private, and have also learned the embarrassing way that eating either ice cream or rice is unwise when driving for loooong distanceszzzz

  5. #6 I've been having more zonks than konks lately.

  6. better to wake up embarrassed in your own rocker than in the ambulance as it pulls away from what used to be your car...

    And old family friend said he didnt worry about his long drives until he was "awakened by the crunch of gravel under his tires" on the highway. eeek. After that he brought a companion with him.