Thursday, August 20, 2015

Book titles

"Paws"   the real story of what happens Out There in the dark

"Lord of the Rungs"  Ladder dancers. Illustrated. 

"Stranger in a Strange Band"

"Lord of the Fries"  never touch my fryolater

"Withering Heights"  One woman's struggle with Osteoporosis 

"Thirty Nine Stops"    A bus driver's life  "as told to..."

"Lady Chatterley's Loser"

"A Rivet Runs Through It"  Shipbuilding , the Basics

"20,000 Legumes Under the Sea"  Hydroponics at Work For You

"The Tide Machine" one setting, one detergent 

"The Quiche and the Dead"-- The Cook's Confession

"A Brief History of Lime" --there's  just so much one can say about lime...

"Oliver Twit"

Thursday Thirteen


  1. You know, I believe, how much I like this kind of list. L.O.V.E. it, especially, um, all of them. Salute!

  2. LOL. Thanks for inspiring my smile.

  3. I love how when you take one letter out or add one the whole thing changes like magic. Did you write these?

  4. Yes I did, Colleen. the hard part was finding books that would work.
    anyone want to suggest a few, post them here. Id love to see what you can come up with

    I was rather taken with the Legumes. All those beans, floating, floating...

  5. Withering Heights! I love that. Wow. Truly terrific.

  6. lol i didnt realize how apt that was until you mentioned it...since Im lost that precious inch last year it does feel a bit like withering, for sure...

    and thank you.
    dont be shy, if you want to add a few

  7. "For Whom the Ball Rolls"
    - Confessions of a professional bowler.

    "The Sum Always Rises"
    -A guide to estimating home repair costs.

  8. Oh I love those...

    "Zeb and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" a casual guide, for the casual rider