Monday, August 17, 2015

What are you reading these days

Started up reading after I quit the RailNation game, and haven't let down yet. Plowed my way through Lee Child (who seems to be a successor to Robert Parker) , several of John Grisham's huge and extremely gory novels (guttural screams in the night seem to be a favorite of his)  and Neil Gaiman first novel, "Neverwhere" which is the most satisfying of his books that I've read so far, since
it trusts the reader to understand where he is, if not where the book is heading, and the ending works. I found his other books sort of left you hanging three feet off the ground at the end, with nowhere soft to land.  This is the first I've ventured to take on in a long time.

And never one for much biography,  I finally finished John Matteson's "Eden's Outcasts", which is basically the life stories of Louisa May Alcott and her father Bronson.  Not a book to sail through on a slow Sunday afternoon, and it took me over three weeks to finally sit down and finish it.  Funny, and sad, and extremely well put together, two complicated people in a complicated family.   If you like biography this is the one to dig into.

I find when I revisit books (especially the series books like LOTR and the Discworld series) they are slightly different each time I read them.  LOTR I first read when it first came to this country in the 1960s.  I've read it several times since, and this last time, after a hiatus of maybe 20 years, picked it up last summer, read all four books in the trilogy, without stopping.   The books haven't changed, but I have, so what I bring to them and what I take from them are quite different now.

Same for the DiscWorld series. I read that as an ongoing project for the better part of the year, and each time I find new things to wonder at, and be amused or moved by.

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