Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New small appliance day

After 15 years my old hair dryer died.  clickclickclickclick.
for 15$ it didn't owe me anything, and it did simple things; dry hair, get the steam off the mirror, annoy the cats.

The new one looks Electronic.  It has a retractable cord,  and black on black instructions on the plug explaining what the red and yellow buttons are for.  Let me get my glasses.  Ah, one is for reset (which I always get nervous about, I have visions of small wires in the wiring bundle HIDDEN in the wall, slowly frying away, getting brighter and brighter.  there has to be a reason why a plug needs to be reset, few of them good.) and the other is for test.  In case you weren't sure  it was working before, "test" will tell you those small wires hidden in the wall are still glowing and you need to Call Someone. =)

I have issues with electricity. You may have noticed.

It also says, "do not use if test fails".

There is a two sided warning sticker on the cord itself--one side says "always "unplug it" after use" (why the quotes?);  is this one of those wink wink nudge nudge phrases?  Then it says DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG,  and to further enhance your hair experience,  WARN CHILDREN OF THE RISK OF DEATH BY ELECTRIC SHOCK.  There is  a rough drawing of a plugged in hairdryer, obviously "on" and plugged in to the wall, floating eerily above a bathtub full of water. A transparent bathtub, with waves apparently sloshing back and forth so you KNOW its water

pictures in the enclosed  11"x15" sheet, showing you how to use a hairdryer. how to plug it in and unplug it. In four languages.  and it also has, for no extra charge, "ionic conditioning' to stop the frizz.  Probably what you get when you drop it in the water and try to retrieve it.  Well worth 19 dollars.


  1. Do you still have mattresses and pillows with tags attached because it told you not to remove them? they don't explain who's not supposed to remove them..

  2. actually in a moment of bravura years ago I clipped off all those tags and burned them, so no one would know where they went and force me to put them back.
    My mother in law did the same thing but carefully saved them in a envelope. "you never know", she said.

  3. Has the caretaker of this place disappeared? 11 days and nothing new!!!! Maybe the new hair dryer hospitalized her!!!
    Anyway, come again soon dear.

  4. Sorry Harvey. Ive been busy, a bit down in a muddle, and after awhile I think, how many times can I say "hey the wood is stacked' or, wow lookit that rose bush...i havent disappeared, just gone away a little bit.
    Ill be back.

    And youre a sweetheart for mentioning it. thank you for that