Friday, August 8, 2014

It was a very bad day (6WS)

 arright arright, im coming, hold yer horses..
 damned humans,  heeeerrreee kitty kitty kitty  niiiice kitty go walkies?  yeah, right...
Some walkies.  All this damned green, all these horrible pine needles, they hurt my FEET.  Dont they know this is my NAP time?
 Where's the sidewalk?  The traffic?  This is a damned forest,  all she does is drag me out here and then disappears, expects me to follow her. Oh, please.
We just  keep walking and walking and walking--my feet hurt, im missing my nap, im thirsty and where the hell IS she...
Yep, there she goes again "there's a good boy, niiiice kitttty"  Oh wait. I heard something
 Oh god. what was that. Sounded like a of those vicious turkeys, I just know it is...
Oookay, that's it, she's hiding, and Im going home. I've had enough of this crap  She wants me, she knows where I'll be.


  1. Love kitty's view of the day. Nice pics and cute kitty.

  2. Sooooo.... it's a cat, right?

  3. How fun was that! Cute darn kitty!

  4. Kitty's have a mind of their own

  5. very cute and smart kitty!

  6. Too funny. Reminds me of the kitty comic: I had a good time once. It was awful.

  7. lol yes. That's Charlie. He is the only cat Ive ever seen who hates to go for walks in the woods, in the fields. If he does go with us he complains bitterly the entire way. I end up carrying this sack of potatoes home, almost every time. 13 pounds of needy. yes indeed.