Sunday, August 10, 2014

Memory can be a fine mesh sieve

the only thing worse than re-reading a book but not recall it until you're nearly at the end (and suddenly know how it ends)  is re-reading a book and finally remember  that not only did you read it a year ago, but you didnt like it then either.  Sigh.


  1. And then there's settling down happily, at last, to a book you've looked forward to having time for, and the tea at your side, all set, then discovering by page two you read it before...

  2. Oh, you poor thing.

    On the forgetful spectrum's other, more positive, end: Heading off for the company picnic & grabbing a notebook from a pile on the dresser you haven't in at least a year. Arriving at the picnic, opening the notebook in an attempt to send the message, "I'm here because it's practically mandatory, not because I want to socialize." Turning to one of the back pages and finding 15-20 lines you wrote (probably at the company picnic several years ago), but of which you have absolutely no recollection of having written. And they're good.

  3. Boud, thats it exactly. and even worse, you know how it ends, and you actually paid full price for it.

    Ron, that does happen, and thats why we never ever toss anything away...and isnt it a wonderful bit of serendipity to find that it works, after all...its like a free poem, yayaya

    Id not mind the reread book, but if Im going to reread a book i dont like anyway, at least let it be less than 500 pages...

  4. That happens sometimes. Maybe we should keep a list. Then there is the pleasure of that perfect book you've just read and you didn't want it to end. What to do then? Yes, I know get a life -Find the next perfect book! :-D