Friday, March 5, 2010

You'd think I'd know better

I am thinking about downloading the latest version of Yahoo Instant Messenger, since mine is V.6 and the latest one is V.10. Might be time. However, I wanted to be sure I could still connect to Yahoo Games with it.
Stupidly I went into a forum there and asked that simple, simple question. Yes or no answer. One little dolly told me I might be underage and would need parental permission, or maybe I was not the administrator of this computer, and I thought, don't they even read the question?

Doesnt anyone these days read for content? No one seems able to answer a simple one braincell question with a simple one braincell answer. Nod once for yes, twice for no.


  1. Yup, Judy. I know exactly what you mean. It seems lately whenever I have to talk to someone in the effort to supply or obtain information, they seem to stop listening to me after about the first 10 words. This is true of Doctors, Pharmacies, webmasters, various suppliers of products I regularly order, the post office, the bank, credit card companies...and on and on.

    Am I really that verbose?

  2. Oh, Judy, how nice to see you here!

    If you mean voice to voice communication, try taping your speech and see what it sounds like. If your voice is getting softer, or is beginning to shrill out, or maybe you have too many please and perhaps and maybe sentences in it--that could be the problem, since ten words is not verbose (although there are people who manage to be, before they even say hello)...I tend to tune out the 'um' and "er" style of speech, and most of us, me included, usually have no idea what we're doing to other people.

    The other problem is, as women get older, (and this is so hard to deal with), they become invisible to everyone but the grampas and the kids...