Thursday, March 11, 2010

Addictions 'r' Us

addiction is a strange event. It's often hard to face, harder to admit out loud, and even harder to quit. In thinking about it, it seems that most of it is in the mind. You hear the click of a lighter, you want that cigarette. Or the light turns red, and you always, always, reach for the pack. Action, reaction.
I don't know what sets off a drug user, but Im sure its as much a sound, a smell, an image of Something Happening, as it is a physical craving.

I just quit an online game Ive been playing for maybe six months, one of those 'runs in the background' things, which are lethal, since its always going whether you're there or not, so of course you have to check in for a few hours to see to your money, your troops, your armies...they become love/hate objects, and you find yourself enjoying less and less of it.

There are only two ways to quit, one is get truly angry with the entire process, and storm out get mad and stay mad, the other is to hand the game over to a friend and say, it's yours. I'm done.

The hardest addictions to overcome are those that are socially acceptable by either society or the group you hang out with. Smoking became a lot easier to let go of when it became less approved anywhere.

And in a way isnt falling in love it's own kind of addiction, as well?


  1. I think the word addiction is horribly overused in this country, and far too often as an excuse for poor behavior. Addiction is physical dependence on a substance, causing physical withdrawal effects when the substance is taken away. Being addicted to falling in love? Possible -- depends on your neurotransmitter profile.

    Gambling addicts, sex addicts, shopping addicts, internet addicts... You can certainly abuse and overdo these things, but the proof it's not an addiction is you were able to give up the game, and six months from now you won't even have an urge to play it. I blocked all my FaceBook game apps and haven't had any desire whatsoever to go back to them.

    Now I need a smoke, brb. ;)

  2. well I gave up WoW last fall, and I still have flashbacks of the graphics, the game play. And frankly if I hadnt screwed up my account I'd be right back in the soup.

    It's that sense of 'what happens next' that does it. What's around the corner, or over the next hill, if I click on this command what pops out of the woodwork...

    Go. Enjoy your non addictive cigarette. *g*

    But yes I understand what you're saying.

  3. Addicted. no. But I have certainly "got hooked" on sites and games. Play one then immediately start another. Lierati....Yahoo's version of Scrabble is a weakness of mine. Also "Strike a Match" on Boxerjam

  4. I used to love Literati, but there is so much scope for cheating in there it's hardly worth my bloodpressure. But, yeah, I've been all over Yahoo webgames, I've been in Dominoes for years, off and on, but now only use it as a time passer while waiting for something to happen somewhere else.

    Right now Im between games, playing one, waiting for the next "real one" to appear. Looked at Runescape this morning, but after fifteen minutes of signing in, waiting, signing in again, only to be confronted with simply horrid graphics, I said, enough. Which way is the door. *g*

    now I have to find "strike a match". *g*

  5. I managed to avoid the Mafia Wars frenzy on Twitter last summer. I was addicted to online Monopoly for a brief time, but ran out of time to do it in the end. I content myself with online Hearts and Backgammon these days.

  6. I played WoW for over a year, and miss it the way I do any game or passion that suits me so thoroughly; but there comes a time when it gets repetitive, when you think, how many quests can you carry in your head and keep straight, how much is too much...and suddenly you realize you haven't played for a week, and then a month, and you cancel your subscription, close the door, and point toward the next game.

    Tried online Monopoly, online cribbage (which needs the human element as well as the back chat), online just about everything. Dominoes at Yahoo is good. Backgammon is beyond me. Im not aggressive enough.

    ArmorGames, for anyone wanting small games that you can keep at without huge commitments, is excellent.

    Jak, good to see you here. I think Im grateful for not belonging to Twitter OR knowing what the Mafia Wars is all about...