Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Equinox, Vern

Three days ago we put out three new bluebird houses to replace the very old, dilapidated ones that had been in use for over twenty years. The next day the bluebirds arrived, and one of the males spent the entire day going from house to house, possibly looking for 'his' house...

Today we put up the other two, in new spots, so they may or may not get used this year, but they're up and ready for business.

Unseasonably warm for mid-March, not that I'm complaining, no no no, but 60-70 is warm even for April. I'm sort of waiting for the snow-laden axe to fall, spend enough years in northern new england and you get that way. Nothing is permanent, predictable, or a sure thing, when it comes to weather.


  1. Good luck keeping those warm temps, it can change quickly. Friday 70.. Saturday 28.

  2. Harvey, do you recall about eight years ago I sent you pictures of our kitchen windows totally covered by snow? That was March, and the year I built the snowman on the kitchen roof...*g*

    Things like that linger in the memory, and while I'm grateful for any warm day, I am always aware that it can, as you say, change quickly. Ive not put the screens in the doors, nor put away the winter wooly gloves.
    Not until May. Very late may.

  3. I remember. I put the little orange flags in my garden to mark the rows, thats all that is visible now. Its supposed to be 56 today it wont last long......except for the mud

  4. Sunshine compensates for most any temperature (for me). But I do miss those warm days...

  5. oh me too. sometimes after an especially long cold snowy spell I start hallucinating the smell of grass, of spring mud, of those days when it's damp, foggy, and warm with a very heady south wind, and you just know you've turned the corner into something better...