Saturday, May 6, 2017

I can never get warm enough (6WS)

There comes a point in every year where the body no longer cheerfully accepts 68 or 65 as tolerable (as in, "Just put some socks on and a sweater, you'll be fine") and no matter how close you stand to the stove or how you inch the thermostat up to 70 or 72, sit in the sun or lean against a radiator,  you can never quite get warm enough.

What was tolerable from November to April is now totally inadequate.

I think of it as the equivalent of  muscle fatigue, and the muscles you've been using for so long to lift stuff suddenly rebel and go on break.  This appears to be what happens in the spring, to your own personal thermostat.

Enough, already, the body says,  let's give us some warmth, here.  No, not that sissy stuff, I'm talkin' 80s, serious heat.  Sun, sunburn, sweat.  We ready.   Me too.



  1. Amen to that, JT. And it's especially troublesome these past 2 weeks at school. I don't know what's the dealio with the (alleged) heating system, but it's hard to hold our head up and call ourselves the "Academic Support Center" when students (not to mention the aging staff) has so little energy left for study, having shivered it all away. Indoor temps between 60 and 65 just don't cut it.

  2. ahh that I can understand. the budget committee turns down the heat on a fixed date, say, last week in April (on the mistaken assumption that by then the temps will support it), and ignore the fact that the humans don't agree. That's too bad, and not much fun. You might begin a mild protest by wearing your winter coat and a flap hat. Have the kids to the same. =) Hypothermia is not pretty.

    Mine is different, and eminently fixable, if I start a second stove and 'waste wood" to get warm. And it's the same temps in here as it has been all winter, I just don't respond as joyously to 65 deg. as I did.

  3. 80s? Seriously? That's wishful thinking for my little corner of the world, but I have found myself gazing wistfully into the garden. My little nook with a book is calling me... when it warms up a bit :)

    1. wishful thinking here too, Jo; we have had 5 weeks of rain, fog, rain, mist, and only four days with actual realbygod sun.

      Right now it's a damp 50 deg outside.
      I did manage to spend about two hours in the garden during the last dry day, but at this point the grass will be needing a sickle bar before I can mow it at all.

      I may just break down and start the damned other stove, lol.

  4. It's May and I am still turning on the fireplace. I do not like this.

    1. The last few years we have burnt wood right into June, usually morning fires to take the chill off.

      I was saying to my husband tonight, it does seem that no matter how much would we congratulate ourselves for having left over, by the middle of June we've managed to fritter most of it away--if fritter is the right word.