Saturday, April 22, 2017

flavored water, yum

We go to such lengths to make sure our cats and dogs  have clean fresh water in nice bowls...if a spider lands in it, there are tears and screams.

Right now it's pouring rain. The driveway is a muddy hollow with lovely deep pools of  water-the-car-drives-through.  Toby is out there right now, drinking it dry. Pure, muddy, manna.


  1. Yes to this. I have trouble stopping Duncan from drinking water from the flower vase, especially when it's greenish and in need of changing. Despite the lovely clean water in the nice china bowls. I think they do like the flavor.

    1. when we had three or four (only one of these three is still with us) they would descend on the muddy ruts with extra vigor just after a truck had rolled through.
      I think it may be one of those ancient instincts, gathering around the old water hole in the jungle...

      Duncan has refined tastes, I must say. Maybe it says "minty fresh" to him.

  2. nope, especially when it tastes so good. I have seriously considered bringing in a plate of it, just to see what they'd do, but I suspect the ambience of the forest primeval is as important as the stuff itself.

    I'll bet if a spider appeared in that mudhole they'd just drink it down without a twitch.