Saturday, July 16, 2016

How'd It Get to Be Saturday (6WS)

here I was thinking oh, good, I have to think up something for Saturday I got all DAY for it, then I went to take my pills (which are now in what I think of as the days of the week underpants boxes) and the box marked Saturday was next in line and I thought, well...I must have taken the Friday ones by mistake...



  1. Days do tend to fly by don't they?

  2. It's terrifying, sometimes. I think it's that old perspective thing. When you''re five, you have so little experience with Time that every day stretches out endlessly. By the time you hit 60 or 70 you realize you're on a fast train.

    My mother used to try to keep track of the days by crossing them off on the calendar, but the trick there is to remember to cross them OFF. You have to know what day it is to know what day it is. I went over to see her one day and all the days of the month had big red Xs through them. lol. I know how she felt.

    At least the computer calendar gives me the right day to hang onto, but I still use the Day of the Week pillbox, and it rarely lets me down.