Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Carrying the Rug You're Standing On

"Please use a computer to answer this survey.

Adobe flash Player is required to complete it."


  1. And there's the other favorite: if you can't access the internet, you have to go online for the help function. Good old Windows.

    1. oh yes. and in the event of a power outage, you can check online to see how extensive the outage is...

      our (mutual) doctor has set up a website that allows you to access prescription refills, pertinent health information, and other cool things. However. Only one email address per household. If I want my information, I have to have a different email address than my husband, and no way in hell am I about to trust Yahoo or Gmail with my medical info.

  2. You could open a Juno account. My trusty backup for over 20 years now,

  3. true enough-- but Im stubborn, I don't want to have to open an extra account just to view records we both know about anyway. It isnt as if we had seekrits from each other, sheesh.

    I understand doctor patient confidentiality, but sometimes they get too careful...when i had surgery in January I had to sign three different documents 'allowing' my husband to be given information about me. It gets silly, sometimes. In fact I got one call from the hospital before the surgery and they refused to speak to anyone but me. When he asked what this concerned they hung up on him. sigh.