Saturday, April 16, 2016

Statement of Policy concerning Early Spring (6WS)

I refuse to garden in a winter jacket

It is  my considered judgement that wooly hats and mittens clash with lawn mowers  and it's hard to pull the rip cord in mittens

Sunburn, yes. Frostbite, no.

I will wear rubber boots out there but do draw the line on wool socks and fleece-lined mukluks

If I have to shovel a path to the garden shed, maybe we should wait a week or two, ya t'ink?

It's also very hard to turn a compost heap when it's still a 4X4 block of ice with twigs embedded in it


  1. I hope you have warmer weather soon. I concur with your early spring policy.

  2. Things're lookin up here. The mudbog where the road is sposta be dried up enough so they could run the grader over it a couple times. Ain't nothing buddin' yet, though. Nope.

  3. It finally got above 20 degrees and now the garden is making help help sounds but still, I want it warm enough out there so I don't feel the need of gloves, tyvm.

    Sooner or later, Ron, summer wins. Most years spring is sort of a hyphen between winter and summer, this year its more of a semi colon; maybe, maybe not. Yeah, our back roads have been graded a few times, the muck hole in front of the shed is now drivable, and the birds are doing that cacophony thing. Ive already lost the yearly battle with the lawn but as I said, I do not wear mittens to mow. I'll rent goats first.

  4. First it's too cold and then too hot for me! I still manage to grow some food. Love the Policy Statement title.

  5. Once I get rolling it's okay but when you have to wear gloves and a winter thanks, lol