Wednesday, April 13, 2016


You go into a new forum, and are confronted with about five screens of sign-in 'security" code.   Your address, repeated.  your magic question.  your password (oops, it has to be 12 letters and numbers, no two consecutive, lower and upper case);  your date of birth.  your screen name (ohhh sorry, that one's been taken) --and so have all of these.

now comes the little box with the strange swirly looking letters, pink and yellow on a white background. No clue as to how many there really are, (is that a sideways number or part of the design...) or if you need to use upper and lower case...oops, sorry, try again.  (you have three more tries and then, sir, or madam, you will have to start over)   oops, sorry.  you have used up your tries.  Start over please.  e-mail address? no, that's been taken----

All this to enter a forum where you want to ask a single question about one item.  and by this time I have totally forgotten the question,  lost the site address,  and no longer care.

By contrast, all I have to do is go into my local bank and 'look familiar" and they will give me my savings account number.  No ID necessary.

(shakes head. wanders off)


  1. One of the advantages of a small town!

  2. perhaps, but there are times when "you look familiar" is a bit scary, especially when they think they know who you might be. The scariest part is, I have the kind of face that everybody thinks is someone they know, including ex husbands, people who insist that I'm Terry, or Lucy, or their daughter...I don't really want someone's daughter rooting around in my bank account because someone thought she was me. =)