Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oh give thanks 13 ways --Happy Thanksgiving!--

1. for air
2. for a heart beat
3. for memory
4. for the surety of a sunrise and a sunset
5. for the cats I know and the cats I remember
6  for the deer in the field
7. the turkeys in the middle of the driveway
8. and now and then an eagle
9. for poetry
10. for rain
11. for music
12. for books
13. for you

Thursday Thirteen


  1. Oh, very nice. A most excellent list.

  2. Yeah, I guess it is a kind of poem, colleen. It does work out that way.

    and ty, CD.

  3. Yes to all of them except maybe I'd replace the cats flutes & drums...and for My Beloved Sandra, who tolerates all that fluting and drumming.

  4. well everyone's "o be thankful" is different, innit. She may like the drumming and fluting (or is it flauting) more than either you realize or she will admit.

    But it turned out to be a good day, if a very long one. I don't miss getting the dinner, even though I always enjoyed the doing. Learn to let go, the little voice whispers, learn to let go.